When is the best time to move?

As you might imagine, moving takes a lot of work. There are just so many things you need to think about! The packing, the utilities, the movers – the list just goes on and on! This is why, at the beginning of every move, you need to sit down and plan everything carefully. You have to be both thorough and meticulous during this process. Go over all of the things you need to think about before moving, as well as the way in which you will go about doing them. However, some of the choices you need to make might matter more than the others. Picking the right moving company is one of these. The other is when exactly you will move. The time of the day, week and month all matter. This is why in this article, we help you make the decision about the best time to move.

What to consider when picking the best time to move

When someone talks about the time of your move, there are a couple of things that pop into your mind. You should consider all of these, as well as who you are as a person. Finding the perfect match both for yourself, and your move will help you finish the process as easy as possible. Consider:

  • what time of the day is the best for you,
  • how important the day of the week is,
  • what part of the month is the best time to move and
  • which season will fit your move the best.

The time of the day is important

This may sound a bit odd to you, but the time of the day is really important. Although moves usually take the whole day (even with professional movers), we usually recommend you start early in the morning. This way, you will have a higher chance of finishing while the sun is still in the sky. This gives you time to enjoy your new home and neighborhood during the day, instead of rushing to unpack everything before you go to sleep.

An alarm clock.
Set up your alarm for an early move

However, this does not always need to be the case. Sometimes there are special circumstances that will need you to start moving later. For example, you might have seniors or children in your family, or you simply are not a morning person. Some movers might even charge less if you are moving later in the day (because a lot of people will want an early start). Talk to them about this to figure out what the best time to start your move is.

You can also plan the time of your move around the traffic. If you know when the rush hours are in your home (or destination) city, then try to plan around them. You do not want to be stuck in the traffic on a moving day!

The day of the week

One of the most important factors in deciding the best time to move is the day in the week. Now, the majority of people will pick Friday or the weekend for the move. This can seem like an obvious and natural choice. You are off work on weekends, so you will not be losing any money. This is also when you have free time.

A calendar.
Use your calendar well!

However, you are not the only person who thought of this. A lot of people contact Delray Beach moving companies for a weekend move. This leads to movers being overbooked and charging extra for the move. This also generates more traffic and leads to companies having fewer trucks and manpower. In order to evade this (and negotiate a better deal for yourself), you should think about moving somewhere between Monday and Thursday. Take a day off and finish the move, so you can return to your work and await the upcoming weekend in your new home!

The time of the month

What part of the month you want to move in is also important. Just like when picking the best time to move during the week, you should also avoid the obvious. Plan your move in the middle of the month because most people are moving at the beginning or the end. This is because those are the periods when leases end or start, so people are eager not to waste one day!

You should also consider the upcoming holidays when moving to Tampa. You should not only take national holidays into account but the regional ones as well. These can also generate a lot of traffic because tourists can be gathering in the area. Avoid them to ensure a smooth and relaxing experience.

The season for moving

Finally, a lot of importance is put on the season of the year. The peak season for moving is from May to September. This is because people try to avoid winter, but you should think about moving in the most wonderful time of the year. It can get wet, cold and slippery, but you might be able to score a cost cut if moving during the winter months. The thing you will need to worry about, though, is to handle utilities on a moving day. You don’t want to arrive at a home that has no heating during a snowy, snowy day!

Winter might be the best time to move.
Winter can be magical, too!

You might ask why many people think summer is the best time to move. Well, this is usually because of two reasons. First, the days are longer, so you will have more daylight to finish everything up. The second reason is the weather. In summer, all you need to worry about is some refreshments for the movers and you are ready to go. However, consider the climate of the place you are moving to. When moving to Florida, for example, it doesn’t really matter whether it’s December or July, right?


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