5 ways of keeping in touch after long distance move

When you have moved far away from your friends, you should do anything possible to stay in touch. If they are your real friends and you feel the need and desire to stay in touch you will find the way. Here, we will try to help you find those ways. If keeping in touch after long distance move matters to you, then we have good news. Nowadays it is pretty easy to stay in touch with friends and family who live far away from you, all you need is time and desire to do so. Moving far away does not mean that your friendships should end. In that name, let’s see what are the 5 ways of keeping in touch after a long distance move using some of the moving companies Daytona beach.

Keeping in touch after long distance move has never been easier

Nowadays there is almost no human being after the age of fifteen that doesn’t have a smartphone. These phones are no longer even phones, they are more like little computers that can do everything. Having a smartphone means that you have:

  • a phone,
  • a camera,
  • a calculator,
  • a calendar,
  • all sorts of photo editors,
  • applications

and so much more to even count. So, if keeping in touch after long distance move is important to you, there are no excuses. You can call, you can write, you can even talk to each other like you are in the same room. The sky is the limit. What a lot of people is using in order to stay in touch with loved ones is Facetime. This is shown to be a very popular way of communication with people that are not near you. So, there is that. If you are leaving Florida to move to some other state or even a continent, you can still talk in person with your friends and family that are staying in Florida.

a smartphone
It is easy to keep in touch with modern technologies

Everyday activities

What is important when you are keeping in touch after long distance move is to keep everything as it was. Any crazy, fun photo you take send it to your friends. If that is something that you were doing while you were in the same city just keep it the same. Have fun with each other, make each other laugh as you used to. You only need a good internet connection now. Just imagine how harder, nearly impossible was to stay in touch before the internet, and people were still doing it because they thought that having real friends in your life no matter where they are is important. They were right. That is why you should try to keep everything as it was.

Keep seeing each other

Even though you are far away from one another, you should still try your best to meet up with your friends and family that no longer live near you. No matter how far you are, you should take a couple of days of at least once a year and visit each other. The encounter will be more exciting than ever because you haven’t’ seen each other in person for a long time. Even though there is Facetime, Facebook, Instagram, nothing beats the live impression. Sometimes, this is not possible, especially if you are retired. You will have all the time in the world but sometimes a long journey, when you are older, is not a good idea. However, if you feel up to it, go for it.

Social media are great for keeping in touch after long distance move

In this case, when you are keeping in touch after long distance move, social media is something that is a must. If you do not follow trends, and you do not have at least one of the social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. maybe its time to open one. This will help you a lot to stay in touch with your friends. They can see how are you and what are you up to, and vice versa. Not to mention instant messaging. Again, all you need is a good Wi-Fi and you are all set.

socal media icons
Social media will help you with this cause

 Mutual interests

Think about mutual interests. One of the best ways to still have fun together even if you are not physically together is to play online games. This is a great way to do something together and to have a lot of unlimited fun. Also, there are a lot of friendships that started this way, so logically it can only benefit your already existing friendship. So, give it a try, it is definitely one of the more popular ways of bonding long distance.

Don’t get mad

When you want to stay in touch and you are not near each other, then sometimes plans can fail. One of you can have something else that comes up, and it is OK if you cancel the plans you have made with your long-distance friend. Of course, this is not something that should happen often. However, if your friend cannot make it to the chat you had scheduled earlier do not get mad. These things can happen when you are keeping in touch after long distance move. Best way to go is to be fully understanding and simply schedule a new time for the chat. Being mad for these reasons will not help your long-distance friendship.

two friends
Distance doesn’t matter for true friendship

Having your friends next to you whole your life is truly a blessing. However, sometimes things do not go that way and that is why it is important to give your best to stay in touch. You should choose your friends the same as you choose your moving company, carefully. If you have chosen movers Bradenton FL, for your moving company of choice, we have no doubt that you have chosen your friends the same way. Make new friends, but never forget the ones you have left behind!

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