Reasons why people leave Florida

Florida can be a very good place to live in. However, there is also a lot of con reason for such decision. Florida is a really good place to go for a vacation. But do you want to live there that is the question? There are reasons why people leave Florida, people who already live there. So, let’s see what are those reasons. It will be easier for you to make an informed decision once you check them. If you decide to leave Florida as well, do the right and the most responsible things and hire one of the moving companies Lake Worth FL for the best moving experience.

Main reasons why people leave Florida

So, there are little reasons why people leave Florida, and you can surpass them. However, there are bigger reasons for this as well. To start we will be talking about those main reasons that would make someone who lives in Florida, to leave. One of the main reasons is definitely tourists. Florida is very well known for having a huge number of tourists on a yearly basis. Weather in Florida and its lovely beaches are the main reason why people are coming here.

Indeed, this is a perfect place for a vacation, but for living not so much. Imagine that every single time you go out not only at the beach but anywhere else there is a horde of tourists. Taking pictures, talking loudly, etc. Are you in for that? This is definitely the main reason why so many people are leaving Florida, but they always come back as tourists themselves because at the end of the day Florida is a really nice when it comes to vacationing.

Tourists are one of the reasons why people leave Florida

If the tourists would be the only problem, then you would have to think twice before really leaving Florida. However, there is a big deal-breaker for a lot of people who tried to live in Florida. You have probably guessed it. Insects. So many creepy, crawling insects. Wherever you go, wherever you live, whether it is a house, a condo, an apartment on the ninth floor, you are bound to run into some of those little or not so little guys.

tourists hiking
It can be really crowded during season time

You may think that this is not a really big deal, especially if you have no fear of any kind of insects, because in Florida there is a lot of different species, but once you start living there, you will change your mind. Either way, if you still decide that this fact is not a deal-breaker for you, and you decide to stick to Florida, buy something to protect yourself from bites. If you are thinking about buying a beach house, think twice and make sure you are making an informed decision. Those little bugs love the humidity that the beach brings to your home.

Fickle weather

In general, when you hear the word Florida the first association to most people have is the nice weather, beaches, Miami, etc. However, fun fact about Florida is that weather can be really moody, changeable if you like. When we say that weather changeable we are not talking about a few drops of rain. We are talking about tornadoes and hurricanes. This is a real problem and it can happen, it is not all talk. So, if you live in Florida this just may be one of the main reasons to walk out of this nice but sometimes dangerous place to be. Speaking of dangerous, another of so many reasons why people leave Florida is the crime rate. Depending of course where in Florida you are crime rates can be pretty high. This is definitely another reason for leaving.

tornado storm
Tornadoes and Hurricanes are one of the main reasons why people leave this state


Florida is pretty wild. We are not talking about bight life that can be pretty wild too. We are talking about the real wildlife that you can see by simply going to your backyard. It is not strange to have an alligator roaming around. There is not much that you can do except waiting for it to leave on its own. If not there are probably some services that you can call for help, but until they arrive the alligator will probably leave on its own.

There are many alligators in Florida

People who have had a close encounter with some of these animals usually list this as one of the main reasons why people leave Florida. Fun fact is that Florida is best known for having people that are retiring and therefore they are coming here to enjoy their retirement days. Some of them are unaware of this issue, others do not care, and they think that it won’t happen to them. Whatever your thoughts are regarding this, if you are older then think a lot about moving to a place where having an alligator in a backyard is something that is completely normal. So, let’s see all the reasons we have mentioned so far together:

  • Tourists, annoying tourists
  • Insects
  • Fickle weather
  • Closeness of wildlife

Think about the reasons why people leave Florida

Think about these reasons and make an informed decision. At the end of the day, you are the one who needs to make this decision. Maybe you like all these things, and that is completely normal. You enjoy the crowd, you are not afraid of bugs and wildlife that actually are on their territory and they got used to people’s present, so they really are not in the attacking mood. Florida can indeed be great for life there, everybody is different and have different preferences. However, if you are into moving from Florida, you know what to do, check out movers Bradenton FL for the absolutely great service for a great price. Another tip for the end, if you like the nightlife, staying in Florida is the best decision to make since Florida has Miami. There you go, these would be the main reasons why people chose to leave Florida.

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