Advantages of a Binding Moving Estimate

When we search for that perfect moving company it is easy to make a mistake. You must know a few things before you even begin planning your relocation. Here, our team at Best Movers Florida will introduce you to the advantages of a binding moving estimate. This way you will learn about every benefit there is to this kind of estimate. So when the moving day comes, you will know what you are paying for.

What is a binding moving estimate?

Before you even sign your contract you must know there are three types of estimates.  A binding moving estimate, non-binding moving estimate and not to exceed moving estimate. We will talk about the binding moving estimate in further text. This kind of estimate means that the estimate your moving company gives you is the estimate you will pay. It doesn’t matter if your items are bigger than usual, or the distance is longer. The price stated is the price you will pay for your relocation process. This is good for several reasons. And most of them revolve around you and the company. They do not want to get swindled for your or their money. It is important to read the estimate first and check everything before you sign the contract with them. Because you don’t know where you can save money or pay extra for the things you could do yourself. Plus, since the offer is binding, you’ll know right away whether you’ll be able to save money on relocation assistance or not.

A woman using a laptop to find out what is a binding moving estimate
Find out what is a binding moving estimate before getting it

Steps to follow when getting a binding moving estimate

As with every contract, there are steps you as a customer must follow. All of this is simply for your safety. These guidelines and rules are issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association. They must be observed by the company you hired, especially when they prepare the binding estimate.

A detailed look into the process of signing a binding estimate

  • The binding estimate you are about to sign must describe what they are charging for. Also, they must inform about the services they will provide. Any additional service you ask for is charged extra as a separate service. And that will not be in the binding estimate. Until the moving day arrives, both parties can negotiate the price. On a moving day, the moving company can’t charge you more than it is written.
  • You must pay when you set a payment date.
  • The copy of the estimate comes with the bill of landing.
  • The binding estimate is a bond between you and your moving company. No third party is a part of this binding moving estimate, and this goes for all reputable local movers Florida, as well as long distance and interstate ones.
  • Know that a moving company can decline your service if you ask for something that is not in the binding moving quote.
  • Once both sides agree to the terms and conditions, they sign the binding estimate.
  • When the loading starts, there can not be any changes in the binding moving estimate.
A man and a woman smiling in the street while carrying boxes
Follow all the rules and you’ll have an easy move.

Things to watch out for

Sometimes people think that a binding moving estimate is just too expensive. The reason behind this is that people get confused and mix up the three types of moves as we stated before. This can lead to hiring a moving company that will get you to pay far more than you planned. Therefore, one really needs to be careful during the whole process to make sure a fair amount of money is spent and relocation is smooth and simple, as it should be. There are a couple of things you must be aware of before you enter the binding moving estimate contract.

Red flags to keep in mind

  • If you hire movers with a much lower price than the rest of the moving companies, then there is something wrong. There are possibly hidden moving costs you need to be aware of. And they will get you when you are not prepared. On a moving day, when you can’t change the contract.
  • The binding moving estimate revolves around precision. They must precisely describe the relocation process and the dimensions of the items. Make sure you get a copy of the measurement table.
  • The problem with the binding moving estimate is that they will provide you with one month A lot of things can change in the meantime, and that can only be in the price change. You must be specific with your relocation and try to keep it the same till the moving day comes.
  • Do not jump on that wagon thinking the price is very affordable. As we said before, a lot of things can change in the meantime that can render that binding moving estimate practically Learn about the things to know before commiting to relocation. This is the best way to stay sure you won’t overpay for your relocation.
Two men shaking hands after signing a binding moving estimate
Before you agree on and sign a binding moving estimate, keep an eye on potential red flags.

Explore your options

Every moving company has its own basic set of rules, as well as different moving services with different prices. The rules we’ve mentioned are there to protect themselves and you from any possible trouble. If you follow them, you will have no stress at all. But, there are also those companies that will keep some costs hidden until the moving day arrives. This is why it is important to know about all the options you can have. The binding moving estimate is no different thing. There are things you must know at any given time to protect yourself. We hope this article helped you understand the advantages and some disadvantages of this particular moving estimate. Now, you should be ready to jump into this process, and we wish you the best of luck!

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