How to disassemble and pack a bunk bed

When you are relocating to a new home, it is imperative to prepare well! Especially if you have a couple of kids! There are a lot of items you need to prepare for relocation and that is rarely going well. Not to mention when you are about to pack a bunk bed. Here you will find a perfect guide on this topic that bugs a lot of people. Find out how to do it in the easiest way, and be on your way to your new home!

Prepare well before you pack a bunk bed

Relocation is not simple when you have to move large items. These robust and big furniture parts make it very difficult to move. Bunk beds are one of the examples of this particular situation. First things first, disassemble whatever you can before you pack a bunk bed. This way you will make sure you can carry the bed to the vehicle and load it properly. The following steps are a must do if you want to successfully finish this task:

  • Disassemble parts that can be disassembled. Most of the bunk beds will allow you to separate both and bottom part. So, before you pack your bunk bed, get them apart. Moving them while they are still in one piece is very difficult and it consumes a lot of space and time. Not to mention the rest of the frames and the mattresses.
  • Take all the bolts off the bunk beds. They are often arranged in a way you can easily disassemble and reassemble. And, there are some main screws holding everything up. Those screws are usually found in the corners of the bunk beds. Remember, don’t do this part alone! Or the bed construction might fall off and injure you. Have someone hold the frames while you unscrew the screws and disassemble the beds.

This part of the disassembly is more or less easy. What happens afterward is something that takes a lot of patience. If you find this part stressful, you might think about hiring a professional movers Deerfield Beach FL. They have all the necessary equipment and tools required to pack a bunk bed.

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Prepare well before you pack a bunk bed

Store the small parts in plastic bags 

This part is especially important since you won’t be able to reassemble the beds without them. The screws, bolts and other parts do not take a lot of space. Therefore it is a very good idea to keep them together in one small separate box. Furthermore, label the box properly so you won’t have any trouble finding the bunk bed parts once you arrive at your new home. Labeling boxes will make it easier and less stressful. This step is something that every one of the reliable movers Florida would tell you to do. Once they arrive, they will know what box holds what, and load them to the truck accordingly!

A bag used to pack small items when you pack a bunk bed
Pack small parts in bags

Pack the mattress separately

As one of the biggest parts of bunk beds, mattresses take a lot of space. Before you disassemble and pack a bunk bed you must take off the mattresses. Furthermore, before you pack them and load them to the truck, take your time and vacuum them. Unless you are buying new mattresses. There are probably a lot of dust particles within them. Prepare a proper nylon wrap, or if you do not have nylon, you can use old blankets. This is a perfect solution when you want to protect the mattresses from more dust and scratches. Also, you can either load them by the walls of the van or as the base on the floor. It depends on when and what you are transporting at the given moment.

Packing bedroom takes a lot of time. The regular beds are often more difficult to move than bunk beds. It does help to know about easy steps for bedroom relocation before you fully commit to it. There are always complications and they can occur at any moment during the relocation process. Which is why it is a good idea to be well prepared and to know these simple tricks. It will only make you ready to respond to any problem at any time.

A mattress
Vacuum the mattress before you load it to the truck

Load the beds to the truck

When you pack a bunk bed you have a lot of things to think about. Firstly, make sure you properly handle the small parts of the bed. They must be in a separate labeled box and placed in a secure place. Secondly, all other a bit bigger parts of the bunk beds should be properly wrapped and secured. You do not want to let them tumble around the van while you relocate.

bunk beds
Be careful not to damage your bunk beds when you load them

Do the same thing with the frames of the bunk beds. Yes, they are a bit bigger and robust, but they are easier to handle. Mostly because they won’t take that much space, so you have more options on how to pack them in the moving van. Bring them in a piece by piece and once you load them, secure them with additional ropes. This will keep them in place! They are heavy and they can easily break something in the van, and you do not want that to happen. Since they are big and robust, it is easy to mess up and damage them. Make sure you know how to handle big items when relocating. This way nothing will be a problem for you!

Relocation process often takes a lot of time. Regarding what type of furniture you have in your home, your relocation can be fast or slow. When you pack a bunk bed you will surely spend a lot of time preparing it. But, when you know the steps we provided you with here, you will do it very fast. Be sure to stay safe at any time while you are relocating! We hope to hear from you soon!

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