Eco-friendly storage tips and guide

With the advance of technology, our lives are much easier thanks to it! But with that easy way of life comes a price! We leave a big carbon footprint on our planet! So, what can we do to lower our influence on our environment and make it better? Well, here is an article on eco-friendly storage units you can use! Continue reading and find out more about this topic!

Eco-friendly storage units will save you money

Among many reasons why you should turn green when it comes to storage units is money. There are numerous examples of how you can save money on storing and packing materials. Remember, recycling is the key to good eco-friendly storage! Here are some of the examples you can use to make your storage unit more environment-friendly:

  • Reuse any old boxes you have. This includes leftover boxes from the relocation, shoe boxes, or those packages left from big appliances. They are great for storing a lot of items you won’t use for a while!
  • Blankets are perfect when you need to wrap items for storage units. Use them to further protect your wooden furniture or other bulky items
  • Remember those spam mail, newspapers, etc? Use them as additional padding for glass items. Since you do not have to buy any packing materials, you can reuse them to make an eco-friendly storage unit!
Stacked coins saved from using eco-friendly storage units
You can save money on eco-friendly storage units

These are just some of the examples of the household items you can use. By not having to buy more materials, you will save money. And you can use that extra money for additional moving services when you relocate. Perhaps the smartest thing to do would be to get packing services Florida at your disposal!

Rent a storage unit with a good insulation

One of the most important things you need to think about is the insulation of the storage unit. During the cold winter periods, you will need more electricity and better protection. Because cold and mold are the main reasons behind damaged items in storage units. Simply rent a unit with good insulation built in so you can rest easy when it comes to your items safely. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about it during the summer either. Since it will not let the heat pass the walls and just heat up the air in it. Not only does this save you money, but an eco-friendly storage unit like this leaves little carbon print!

Insulation on the wall
Well insulated storage unit saves a lot of energy

Sometimes the moving company you want to hire can give you advice about eco-friendly storage units! Be sure to ask them about it when you search for movers Gainesville FL! That will certainly make your life easier.

Switch the regular light bulbs with energy efficient ones

One of the ways you can turn your storage unit into eco-friendly one is to get new LED light bulbs. Throughout the years the main downside of these light bulbs was the light they emit. Very bright, sharp and white light wasn’t going to do it for these new light bulbs. Which is why they had to switch to something more eye pleasing.

LED light bulbs
LED light bulbs are very energy efficient

Today, we have dimmed LED light bulbs that are not that bright and you can use them even in your household! The are numerous advantages of using LED light bulbs. Perhaps the best thing you can do for yourself, your household and your storage unit is to switch from regular to energy efficient light bulbs.

Do not use too many appliances in your storage unit

Depending on what you are storing, there are several types of storage units. But, if you store anything that needs to be charged regularly, or maintained, then reconsider. It will cost you a lot of time to do it, and the energy consumed in it can be high.

If you have any gardening tools and machines then empty their oil and gasoline tanks. During the summer they can be very flammable, besides having fumes that are not good for the environment. Also, you should avoid storing chemicals that can be hazardous. Dispose of those chemicals with reliable companies that can help you deal with them.

a gardener working
Drain your gardening tools from gas and oil before storing

There are several things you need to know about storage units if you want to turn them into eco-friendly storage units! Learn some basic knowledge of storages and tips on how to avoid mistakes regarding them.

Avoid plastic containers

Instead of using plastic containers, use biodegradable boxes. They are perfect when it comes to eco-friendly storage units because, after a while, you can recycle them. Also, their production does not pollute the environment as much as the production of plastic. But, you have to use sturdier boxes if you want to leave them in the storage unit for a while. Being degradable, they will lose their dexterity over time and probably snap and break. So, it is a good idea to use stronger moving boxes when packing items for storage units.

Eco-friendly storage - a plastic bin
Plastic is never eco-friendly material

There is another issue when it comes to cardboard boxes. Their biggest enemy in storage units! The mold! But, you shouldn’t worry if you know the ways to fight the mold in storages! Make sure you prevent it from happening in order to prolong the life of your boxes

Going green in today’s world is not that hard! With the advancement of new eco-friendly technology, you will have it easy to switch to this type of life! We hope our tips and guides helped you better settle with your eco-friendly storage unit! If you wish to add something to our guide, you can do it by commenting in the comment section down below!

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