Getting to know your neighbors – best approach

Meeting new people can be a difficult thing. For some people, it seems so easy and natural, while for others it can be quite difficult and stressful. But why is meeting new people important? Well, if you want to feel comfortable after moving to Florida, you will need to get to know your neighbors. We are creatures that are influenced by their environment. Knowing your environment helps you get comfortable with it. And you cannot know your environment without getting to know your neighbors. Here is how to approach meeting them.

Know yourself

In order to work on being more relaxed when getting to know your neighbors, you need to know yourself. There is no one right way for everyone. The situations and people are different, and in order to meet people and enjoy doing it, you need to figure out what works for you.

Are you an introvert on an extrovert

This is the first thing you need to clear up. Do you prefer spending time surrounded by people, or do you like to spend it alone? Does spending a lot of time alone give you anxiety or do you like to isolate yourself from time to time? There are tests you can do online that can help you figure this out. Once you know, you will know how to approach getting to know your neighbors. An introvert needs to find the least objectionable way to interact with neighbors. Be it through shared interest or love of animals, you need to find something that can relate you to your neighbor. Once you do know, approach your neighbor and casually mention that you are interested in that. For an extrovert, you just need to keep it cool.

A man thinking
Knowing yourself will help you know how to approach getting to know your neighbors

What can connect you to your neighbors

Small talk can only take you so far. But in order to have something to talk about with your neighbors you need to have shared interests. What are your hobbies? Do you have pets? What do you do? What do you do outside of work? All of these can be good themes of conversation, you just need to know how to present them. Therefore knowing what your neighbors like will make it easy for you to talk to them. Pay attention to your neighbors and you will soon find what you have in common with them.

Be open and attentive

Sometimes you don’t need to do anything to meet your neighbors. If they are people who are taking care of their neighborhood, they will come to you. They will want to know who you are and what you are like. If they come, be open and relaxed. They are not questioning you. Therefore, there are no wrong answers. Just be open and try to make a good first impression. Pay attention to what they think is important for a good neighbor to have and be, and you will easily become one.

Getting familiar with new surroundings

If you have moved from a different state, you will need to get accustomed to the new lifestyle. Figuring out how things are done in Florida can be tricky, and having your neighbors help you is a huge benefit. And no matter how good your long distance movers Florida were, you will need some help settling in. Being a good neighbor is a good way to get much-needed help.

Old people talking
Good neighbors end up being life long friends.

Tips on getting to know your neighbors

If you are still not sure how to approach getting to know your neighbors, here are some easy tips you can try out.

Walk your dog

People who have pets tend to be very interested in them. If you have a dog, take it for a walk. Nearby parks will be a great place for meeting new people and some of those people will probably be your neighbors. Plus, with a dog as a go-to topic, you will never run out of things to say. Just remember to let your neighbor talk about their dog, also.

Take your kids to school

If you have moved with your kids you will need to figure out how to help them in a new environment. Therefore, you should meet other parents. And what better place to do that, than school. Talking with other people who have children will give you the necessary information. Furthermore, it will easily set you up for making new friends. 

Personal message

You might consider inviting your neighbors to a cup of coffee or a cocktail, but when is the right time to pop the question. Bothering them while they are napping or trying to do some housework will make a poor first impression. A good trick is to write a personal message. And we don’t mean using Facebook. Pick up a pen and paper and write one. A handwritten note inviting them for a coffee or cocktail at their convenience will surely put a smile on their face.

Handwritten letter
A handwritten letter is a much more personal way of interacting with people.

Work your way up

One of the common mistakes is to appear too eager. If you are trying to hard, you will fail. When someone is trying too hard to make us like them, we tend to think they are trying to get something from us. You need to relax and take your time. Start with a friendly wave if you are passing each other on the street. Gradually get to know your neighbors and give them time to get familiar with you. After a while, they will be more than happy to spend time with you. Just to rush into anything.

Organize gatherings

Once you know a couple of people from the neighborhood, you should organize a gathering. That can either be a party, or a themed gathering. Just tell them to invite someone to come with, and you will double your number of acquaintances in a day. If you are relaxed and easygoing you will have to problem with meeting new people. That is why it is so easy for extroverts. And, therefore, hard for introverts. Everyone likes talking to a person who seems natural.

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