Ideas for that first day in your new Florida home

The dust has settled. Dealing with movers. Putting up with traffic. Packing for a week. Looking for an apartment. Dealing with realtors. All of that is behind you. You’ve arrived. But what next? What is the next step after moving to Florida? Well here is what to do on your first day in your new Florida home.

Get familiar with your home

If you want to make your new house a home you need to get familiar with it. Start by simply walking around. Go through every spot of every room and see all the things you weren’t able to when you were looking at it for the first time. This is your house now. Fell the floor under your feet. Test your windows and doors. Explore your home.

Check your utilities

When you are checking out your home, make sure to test your utilities. See if the water is running, if there is electricity and if there is gas in the heaters. These things are necessary, and if they are not working properly, should be fixed as soon as possible. If you prolong fixing a broken utility, it may end up costing you much more. By checking and fixing it right away you are both saving money and letting your landlord know that you are attentive. After all, you are supposed to walk into a home that is clean and running.

Check your utilities on your first day in your new Florida home.


Next thing to do is to unpack. But, you should not rush it. On your first day, you should only unpack your essentials. Unpacking all of your possessions will take time, and if you are not up to it on the first day, it’s ok. Get the things you need and find a proper place for them. It is a good idea to unpack some sentimental items like pictures or old toys. A little bit of memory will make you feel more at home. While you shouldn’t rush your unpacking, you shouldn’t postpone it for too long either. Do not force yourself to live in a warehouse for months just because of laziness. A week is more than enough to get yourself unpacked.

Family photos
Sentimental photos can help you feel like you are at home.

Deal with stress

Moving was stressful. Even if it was the easiest move in the world, it was still stressful. On your first day, you should deal with that because stress doesn’t just go away. You need to put energy into dealing with it, in order to get yourself back on track. You cannot be 100% present if you are under stress. And you need to be present if you want to start enjoying your new life in Florida. Luckily there are some ways in which you can help yourself.


Give yourself a break. Get your laptop, play some good music and just unwind. You just went through a lot. There was a lot of pressure on you do to everything right, but it is over now. Use your first day to go through all the events and let them settle. Think about all the things you’ve been through. You’ve had to pack. If you moved from far away, you had to find long distance movers Florida. There have been a lot of little problems that you had to deal with. And you did it. Congratulate yourself. Successfully moving is not a small thing or an easy thing to do. Therefore you should feel good about yourself.

Breathing and exercise

In order to rid yourself from the piled up stress, you need to breathe. Breathing is the key element in releasing stored up energy. Different types of stresses require different types of releases. And, different types of releases require different types of breathing. Therefore, you need to find what works for you.

Some people like to relax and breathe slowly and deeply in order to let go of stress. To do that you can curl up with a good book and just take your time. On the other hand, some people like to stimulate their breathing with exercise in order to release pent-up stress. Therefore, running would be a good solution as it will give them the stimulus to release energy. Some people are in-between. They require physical movement but want to relax while doing so. For them, yoga or dancing are good solutions. Anything that doesn’t require pushing yourself and just enjoying the movement. Find what works for you and get rid of all that piled up stress.

Get something to eat and drink

Food can be a great way to relax. Walk to your nearest grocery shop and get the ingredients for your favorite meal. Or, if you are not feeling like cooking, order it. Just get something that you really like eating. Treat yourself on your first day in your new Florida home. You can also get yourself a drink to help you relax. Alcohol is known to reduce stress but should be consumed in moderation. But, do not go overboard. You don’t want to have a hangover the next day. Make yourself feel good by eating your favorite food and drinking your favorite drink. Get yourself comfortable on your first day in your new Florida home. It’s the small things that make all the difference.

Good food
Nice food can go a long way toward helping you calm down.

Final advice about your first day in your new Florida home

This should be your day. Your first day in your new Florida home is your first step on your new journey. Give yourself time to take that in. Explore your neighborhood. Discover your new Florida home. If you want to start a new life you need to think about how you should improve your old habits. But now is not the time to stress yourself about it. Today is the day for new beginnings and you should think of it as such. Therefore you should settle down. Don’t force yourself to do things right away. If you force yourself, you will just pile up more stress. You’ve been forcing yourself for the last month with your move. Settle your impressions, you are starting a new life in Florida.

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