Items you shouldn’t store away

When you are using a storage unit you have to be well informed about what can you store in that storage unit. Of course, when you rent or buy a storage room the sky is the limit, you have every right to store whatever you want there, but there are simply some items you shouldn’t store in storage for numerous reasons. Here, we will tell you what and why you cannot store, not only in a storage unit but in your fridge, basement, etc. There are also some things you should know about storage units in general, for example how to pest-proof your storage, but that is a whole different subject now, so let’s stick to items you shouldn’t store away.

Items you shouldn’t store are…?

There are so many items that you simply should not store, not even in a freezer or a fridge. For example, people tend to put in a fridge any food. Absolutely any food would be better in a fridge. This is not correct. It is a common misconception that for example:

  • Bread
  • Spices
  • Vegetables
  • Fruit
  • Coffee
  • Honey

Would be better in a fridge. Listen to our advice and remove these items from your fridge because we know that you have at least one of these six items stored in your fridge right at this moment. Having these perishable items will not prolong their freshness and similar. Quite the opposite, it will make this food go bad faster.

Storage unit

As there are items you shouldn’t put in a fridge, there are also items you shouldn’t place in a storage unit. Yes, the name says it all, it is a storage, however, this is not always a good idea. First thing first, you simply cannot store any perishable items in your storage unit. Not even if you are renting short term storage. Having food in a storage room is not an option, however, there is a loophole. Can goods can be completely fine to be stored in a storage unit. Food that is in a can has a pretty long expiring date and not much can happen to it while safely being stored in a can in a storage unit. So, if you must have some food stored away, then can goods it is.


houseplants are one of the items you shouldn't store
Your plants need light

Another, from a long list of items that you should not store away, are house plants. The reason is pretty obvious though. Light. Any living being, needs light to grow and be alive, the same rule goes for plants. Any storage place is always dark, and of course, there is a reason for that too. If you, for example, want to store furniture the darkroom is great, because the sun won´t fade the color of your furniture. However, for plants light is a must, therefore if you were thinking about moving that huge plant that is taking half of your room to a basement then you must abort that mission unless you want to destroy your plant, which is just pity.

Forbidden items

If you are renting a storage unit because you are moving with the help of movers Crestview FL, and you need extra space for a lot of things you must know what is forbidden to store in a storage unit. For example, if you have any type of firearm or munition and you think it is safer to keep it in a storage unit you are wrong. This fall under items you should not store away, and not just that you should not but it is forbidden. Another thing that is probably not forbidden to store but it´s not a smart idea is to store cash. If you do decide to do this, it can get really complicated and very unsafe. Use a bank or a vault for these purposes.

Flammable items you shouldn’t store in a storage

So, among so many items you shouldn’t store away, for so many different reasons, there are reasons that are more important than the others. Like safety. What you simply cannot store away in a storage unit or a garage is any flammable items. Such as your barbecue equipment. A lot of people use a garage to store it, but it is so not safe. But you have to store it, somewhere right? So, make sure to store it properly so that nothing around you can burst into flames. Learn more about how to store propane tanks and you will be good to go with all those weekend barbecues.

flammable items you shouldn't store away
Flammable items require special attention

Pet food

We already agreed upon how and where to put your food. However, what a lot of people tend to forget is that when they store their pet food in a wrong and dark place that food usually tends to get filled with all sorts of vermin. You must prevent that. You should store pet food properly just like yours. Nowadays there is a number of different containers for these things. Food containers where you can safely store their food, and from where you can take it so easily without having to open that huge bag and spill all over the garage every single time.

cat food is among items you shouldn't store
Find a proper place for pet food

Now that you are aware of what not to store, make sure to follow the rules. It is for your own good. If your heart is set to store some items that shouldn’t’ be store away al least make sure to do that the best way possible. Always inform yourself what would be the best way to leave pet food in a garage for example, and similar. Hey, and if you are not sure how to pack items for storage make sure to check out packing services Florida, who will know how to help you in no time.

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