How to pest-proof your storage unit

If you have rented a storage facility, then you have probably wondered what are the best ways to pest-proof your storage unit. Here we will talk about just that. There are plenty of ways to do this. But what is most important is that there are natural ways to do this. Of course, the first thing you can think about when talking about pest-proofing a storage unit, are probably sprays. There are so many different types of sprays against the pest. However, whatever spray you use, it won’t last long. And we highly doubt that you are planning to come to your storage unit to spray it on daily basis. So, let’s see some other ways to pest-proof your storage unit.

Pest-proof your storage unit by doing your research

One of the ways to pest-proof your storage unit is this. Reading this article. In no time you will find some great and fun ways to do this. However, there is more. Nowadays as anything else in life, we research the Internet. On the Internet, you may find a lot of things that may be helpful, but you can also find a lot of useless tips and tricks. So, make sure to know the difference.

pest-proof your storage unit - orange storage doors
Prepare your storage unit right and keep your belongings safe

Also, that is why we are here, to make sure that ways to pest-proof your storage unit don’t backfire in a sense that, instead of getting rid of the pests, you attract them even more. Note, while you are doing your research check out quality moving boxes Florida,  in order to find the best boxes for your storage. Another important part of the process of storing items in storage units.

Right containers can help to pest-proof your storage unit

As long as we mentioned boxes for your storage unit, this is the first thing that we will talk about when it comes to preventing pests to enter your storage unit. Choosing the right containers in which you will store your items is half of the work. So, when you need to choose between plastic containers and cardboard boxes, the choice is pretty obvious. Plastic containers are almost impossible to break, not even by a rodent. If you are concerned about the environment, if you choose plastic containers, don’t be. The reason is great. In the long run, having cardboard boxes, that you need to change monthly if not sooner is more environment unfriendly then opting for plastic containers. So, let’s make this the first step in the fight against the pest.

Perishable items

An important step in fighting the pest is not to store perishable items in the storage units. Under perishable items we consider food. This is a must! Do not store any type of food in the storage unit. Not even cans and jars with food. This will attract mainly rodents, but also some species of bugs. So, if you won’t avoid having your storage unit filled with rats, mice, and all sorts of bugs make sure not to have absolutely any type of food in the storage unit whatsoever.

carrots in the box
never store perishables in the storage


What you must have in a storage unit are shelves. In some of the storages, these are something that comes with the storage unit that you are renting. However, more often then not you may find completely empty storage. That is why you should be prepared. Find shelves that you will put together on a wall that suits you the most. These shelves are great because you can put everything that is in boxes up on a shelve. In this way, no rodent or insect will be able to approach your stored items. So, for example, if you are storing shoes, make sure to put them in boxes and on the shelve. However, keep in mind that sometimes they do find a way, that is why besides this prevention there is more, like the one we already mentioned, choosing the plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes. Stay tuned.

Make sure you use shelves to keep things away from the ground

Use vinegar to pest-proof your storage unit

Vinegar is not only good as a seasoning for your salad. It can do a great job in a fight against pests. What you can do is, put some vinegar in a bottle with a sprayer, and simply spray the whole entrance in the storage unit. Let it sink in really good before you close the door. Also, if you have some type of window in the storage unit which is rare, spray that as well. It is very simple, natural and effective.

bottles of vinegar
Vinegar is great for pest-control


What is the first association when you hear the word plastic? Something that is ruining the earth, right? Well, in this case, plastic will help you fight off the pests, from your couch you are storing. So, if you have furniture in the storage unit, under any cost do not leave it uncovered. Buy a plastic cover and make sure to cover every inch of it. Plastic covers can fight off pests and also, they can fight off the smell of mold on your furniture that is very common in storage units due to dark and humidity. Let’s see what did we mentioned so far:

  • Do your research
  • Opt for plastic containers instead of cardboard boxes
  • Do not store perishable items in the storage unit
  • Buy shelves
  • Spray vinegar on the entrance
  • Buy a lot of plastic covers

So far, these are the rules you ought to follow if you want to pest-proof your storage unit. If you do these simple steps, chances are very small that you will have some type of issue with rodents, bugs, etc. If you are moving, play it safe with movers Hollywood FL. If you are looking for ways to have your storage unit pest-free follow these steps. It is that easy! Having a pest-free storage unit is easy if you go by these tips and tricks. Good luck!

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