Moving from Fort Lauderdale to NYC

Fort Lauderdale is a very beautiful city in Florida with many interesting sights. However, if you are looking for a place that is really awesome for living you will choose New York City. Big Apple is a city of opportunities. This place can provide you with everything you need. This city is considered the world’s cultural, economic, and financial center. Not to mention that this city has numerous interesting sights that attract tourists worldwide. There are many reasons why you should move to New York. If you’re moving from Fort Lauderdale to NYC you need to consider a few important things. That’s because relocation is a demanding process that requires the investment of your resources. Best Movers in Florida will help you optimize your relocation, by providing you with all the information you might need.

Moving from Fort Lauderdale to NYC – Gathering knowledge

Before you can get to the relocation process itself, you need to get to know more about your new city. But that is not all that needs to be in your sights. You also might want to know what living in Fort Lauderdale entails and how is it different from living in NYC. With our help, it is easy enough to hire one of the top local movers in Florida for your relocation, but we also want to provide you with the information necessary to make a good transition. The first order of business, so to speak, is to find out exactly what makes living in Fort Lauderdale so attractive, so you know what you will be leaving behind.

By knowing more about the place you are moving out of, it will be easier to predict where you need to put the most of your attention when adapting to the new environment. Let’s see what makes FL “tick”.

Moving from Fort Lauderdale to NYC - research phase
You might want to acquire some knowledge before you relocate.

Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is around 30 miles north of Miami and serves as the county seat of Broward Country. Its population is around 180,000 making it a decent-sized city. Many tourists visit this place every year, exploring the area, enjoying one of the 63 golf courses as well as numerous shopping malls and as many as 130+ nightclubs. The basic premise of FL is living near the beach, enjoying the warm weather and sunshine. Many international movers get requests to relocate their clients to this city, on a regular basis. It is an extremely popular destination, rife with attractions and opportunities.

Pros of living in Fort Lauderdale

But what’s it like to actually live in FL? It is a lot different being a permanent resident than being a tourist, of course, who gets to enjoy the sights and explore new places without a care in the world. Residents get to experience FL in its entirety, both good and bad. Speaking of which, let’s see what are some of the pros of living in Fort Lauderdale.

Pro #1 – The neighborhoods are varied

There are several amazing neighborhoods in and near FL. All of them are quite distinct from one another and they offer something unique to them. If you want to be as close to the beach as possible, you choose Fort Lauderdale Beach. And if you want to raise a family in peace and quiet, while having to drive a bit longer to the beach, Wilton Manors is the place to be. Then there’s Las Olas for the creative-minded people out there, as well as Imperial Point and Poinsettia heights. Overall, the surrounding neighborhoods are what make FL really shine. From one part of the city to another, it is like you are discovering new places all the time.

This variety might make NYC seem a bit “bland” in comparison. While there are amazing neighborhoods in New York, they simply do not offer the same feeling as FL neighborhoods do. So, before you leave for your new home, take some time to appreciate what you will be soon leaving behind.

a cozy neighborhood
Fort Lauderdale neighborhoods can be absolutely stunning.

Pro#2 – Affordable living

Now, saying that the Miami metro complex is a “really affordable” place to live would be a bit of a stretch. However, if you look at other places such as Miami and West Palm Beach, two of the most popular cities in Florida, you will realize that living costs in Fort Lauderdale are actually quite reasonable. The median home value did not follow suit, unfortunately, as it stands around $312,000. On the bright side, if you do own a home in FL, you will be able to sell it for a premium.

Moving to New York, it may come as a shock how much things like basic groceries cost. NYC is one of the most expensive places to live in the entire world, and that might need some adjusting. But we will get to that. For now, you might want to take advantage of lower living costs and choose affordable residential movers for your relocation, as you might want to save up a bit before moving from Fort Lauderdale to NYC. You will want to be as prepared as you can be for the change in living costs.

Pro#3 – The weather

The fact of the matter is that you might have taken sunny weather for granted, and you might even be bored of it. In FL, you get to enjoy the average temperature of 75°F throughout the year, though it can be a bit hot and humid in the summer. But the winter is amazing, even though you will not see any snow most of the time. The season might play a big part when you want to choose your moving date, as movers usually have better availability (and better prices) in the winter. But here’s the thing. If you are not adequately prepared, the winter in NYC might come as exceedingly brutal. You will be coming from a tropical paradise into a harsh winter. Definitely, something to prepare for.

Pro#4 – Laid-back lifestyle

This is a big one. Living in FL caters to a lifestyle that doesn’t take life all too seriously. The warm weather, proximity to the beach, as well as reasonable employment opportunities make it easy to eke out a living. Furthermore, the nightlife options keep everyone happy and entertained. If you really like this kind of lifestyle, you might want to reconsider moving from Fort Lauderdale to NYC. Life in the big city is fast-paced and full of uncertainties. This is really important when it comes to office and business relocation. There is much more competition for each job and you will be hard-pressed to be at your best all the time, whether applying for a job or interviewing new hires. But then again, that might be something that you actually want to do. In which case, moving to NYC is the best thing to do.

woman using a camera to take a picture
In Fort Lauderdale, you get to relax and enjoy your environment.

Just make sure that you know about the differences and prepare accordingly. yes, preparation is a big part of this article and we will be reminding you of it regularly.

New York City

The City that never sleeps, the “Big Apple”, the “Center of the Universe”, New York City is one of the most iconic cities in the entire world, and living there is a dream of many. However, life in this city can be quite different from what you might imagine. Chances are, you will need to heavily adapt before comfortably settling in. You will want to have as much time and energy on your hands once you arrive. A great way to ensure that you do this is by hiring packing services from a professional mover. They will enable you to be “fresh” when you arrive, and will give you the opportunity to explore your new area without worrying about your belongings’ safety. NYC has plenty to offer but there are some drawbacks that you might want to know about, as well.

Let’s see what they are.

Pros and cons of living in New York City

First, we will take a look at what makes living in NYC so desirable. Starting with:

Pro#1 – The city that never sleeps

In New York, you can get a steak dinner or a dry martini, if you so wish, 24/7. Manhattan’s “The City that Never Sleeps” moniker is well-deserved, as there is always something going on, even in the dead of night. There are late-night movies to catch, taverns and nightclubs that are always open, and there are numerous supermarkets where you can buy groceries even at 3 am. This allows for great flexibility for scheduling your life, as you will not need to worry about necessary amenities not being available when you wake up. You will have access to almost everything at any given hour. 

inside of a bar
It’s party night every night in NYC!

This might prompt you to arrive at your new home in the dead of night. While some movers might actually provide you with that option, it is something that you might want to pick the right moving insurance for. Working in low-light conditions poses a greater risk to your belongings, after all. But at least the traffic will be minimal!

Pro#2 – Amazing diversity

NYC is one of the most diverse places in the world. A true “melting pot” of cultures, the city collectively speaks more than 800 languages. You will be able to experience almost every culture in the world, enjoy their delicacies and get to appreciate the differences. Raising a kid in NYC makes it so they learn about acceptance and tolerance, expanding their mindset in the process.

Pro#3 – Amazing food

You’ve guessed it. Great diversity means absolutely amazing food selection. You can find dishes from all over the world, such as Neapolitan Pizza, Black Burger, ramen noodles, monster cookies, etc. There will always be something new to try out and you will never run out of choices. If this was one of your gripes while living in much-smaller Fort Lauderdale, you will love the opportunities that the “Big Apple” presents.

Pro#4 – Best public transit system in the US

In a city this large, the public transportation system becomes all-too-important. Luckily, NYC boasts the largest global subway system, with 232 miles of routes. It is the busiest in the entire U.S., averaging a whopping 5.5 billion rides on weekdays. That’s not 5 million, that’s 5 Billion, just to reiterate. The subway operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, without stopping. It is an extremely efficient way of getting around and you will need to get used to it.

Moving from Fort Lauderdale to NYC - a modern office
There are exceptional job opportunities waiting in NYC.

However, if you simply can’t stand the fact of being underground, there are the buses as well. You always have a viable option of transportation in NYC, be it the subway, bus, taxi, or increasingly popular CitiBike. It is what makes living in NYC manageable. Without it, the city would not be livable at all.

Pro#5 – Career opportunities

Whatever your chosen career is (within reason), it has a place in NYC. No matter your demographic, the endless possibilities that the city offers will have you fit in. This is, perhaps, the most important pro of moving from Fort Lauderdale to NYC, and what makes NYC such a desirable place to live in. Fashion, finance, modeling, advertising, marketing, are just a few of the career opportunities waiting for you.

But there are some cons to living in NYC, as well. Let’s take a look at some of the most important ones.

Con#1 – Really expensive

Remember when we mentioned that living in NYC is quite expensive? It is all about money, money, money in this city. Whether you are going for the morning coffee, taking a taxi ride, or an evening meal, everything is going to put a larger dent in your budget than what you’ve used to. Furthermore, the prices of homes are almost bat-shit crazy.

Remember how FL’s median home value of $312,000 was considered to be quite high? Well, NYC’s median home price more than doubles it, standing at around $750,000! This means that you will most likely need to downsize when purchasing another home. And that means that you might want to consider storage services to have room for all your belongings. You will enjoy a larger income in the city, of course, but it will most likely not be enough to bridge this huge gap easily. 

Let’s compare the cost of a living index between FL and NYC for a moment. For starters, the U.S. average is 100. Fort Lauderdale stands at almost 118, being a bit more costly on average but still cheaper than Miami. New York City’s cost of living index is 187.2. This means that you can expect to spend more than one and a half of what you’ve used to by now. Get ready for that shock (it will be a shock, trust us) and prepare accordingly.

A person pointing at a plan
You need to have good organization when you relocate, this way you will be able to finish relocation in no time

Con#2 – Draining lifestyle

Living in NYC will expose you to all manner of things. The residents have a reputation of being rude and aggressive and it can take a lot of your energy to walk, work, and take note of your surroundings every day. You are going to need to develop a thick skin as soon as possible. Coming from FL, this will most likely be what you will need to get used to the most. The best thing to do is try to arrive with as much mental energy and as little stress as possible. Get a free estimate before you hire movers, research your new neighborhood in advance, get acquainted with where the necessary amenities are, that sort of thing. You are going to need all the mental energy you can spare once you get to NYC.

Con#3 – Cold Winters

The second most critical change will be the weather. Winters in NYC can be bitterly cold and coming from FL this will be something you are definitely not accustomed to. You are going to need a period of time to adjust. It can be a good idea to leave a couple of vacation days for the winter, as you might succumb to the cold for a day or two.

Moving from Fort Lauderdale to NYC – The relocation process

Before you can start living your new life in your new city, you are going to need to go through a relocation process. This process can be quite challenging, especially if it is your first one. Therefore, you will want to:

Organize your move in the best way possible

As we mentioned before, relocation to New York City is a big deal. New York is an amazing place that can provide you with your new dream home. But first things first, you need to relocate properly. People think that moving is always considered a daunting task but that is not always the case. If you organize your relocation from Fort Lauderdale to NYC in the right way moving can be a routine job. Relocation is a complex procedure that consists of smaller actions.  To do everything properly you need to complete those little tasks. For example, if you pack your belongings properly you will have many benefits like money, time, or space you save. Organization of your tasks is one of the top priorities while moving. If your relocation is well-organized you will finalize it in no time.  So you can devote time to yourself or your family.

A person writing something
Make sure you make a checklist of things you need to do while you prepare for your relocation

In a nutshell, here’s what you will need to do:

  • Make a checklist
  • Pack your stuff
  • Hire professionals

Make a checklist that will greatly increase your productivity during the move

This tip is closely linked to the organization of your relocation. You need this list if you want to relocate in the best way possible. As we previously mentioned relocation is made of smaller tasks that you need to do. There are a lot of things that you need to have in mind and that can be very confusing and stressful as well. If you do not have a checklist you will start forgetting things related to relocation. And you will end up correcting things that you didn’t do right. As consequence, you will waste precious time that you can use to finish multiple actions related to relocation. To eliminate those troublesome situations you should make a checklist. Moving from Fort Lauderdale to NYC could be a challenging task but with a checklist, this is not the case. List moving tasks by priority on your must-to-do list.

Pack your belongings properly before moving from Fort Lauderdale to NYC

Packing is one of the most important parts of the relocation and many things depend on it. If you pack your belongings in the right way you will have many benefits. However, people usually underestimate packing. Your packing must be well-organized otherwise you will have serious problems. Unpleasant situations like damage to your belongings, injuries, spending a lot of money, or losing your time are common if you don’t pack your belongings properly. There are many things to think about like labeling the boxes, choosing the right packing materials, and many more. There are a lot of things that you need to have in mind while packing and that can be really stressful. If you are not sure that you could not handle your packing it alone hire professionals. Call for help long distance movers Florida that could provide you with packing services. They will handle packing with ease.

Some clothes, be sure you pack in time when you are moving from Fort Lauderdale to NYC
Be sure you pack your belongings in time if you do not have enough time you will make many mistakes

Hire professionals to help you relocate when moving from Fort Lauderdale to NYC

If you do not have much time to relocate you need to hire professionals. Professional movers will be completely focused on your relocation from Fort Lauderdale to NYC. Hire best interstate movers Florida and you will have trustworthy professionals organize the relocation for you. Their workers will handle all actions related to relocation for you in the best way possible. They will use the right equipment to secure your belongings. Your belongings are in safe hands because for relocation workers moving is a routine job that they do every day. So you can freely ask them to help you with everything related to moving. Do not hesitate to ask them for advice that would help you to relocate easier. Your relocation will be done as fast as possible because you are in safe hands.

mover using a dolly
You can hire movers to make moving from Fort Lauderdale to NYC much easier

Relocation can be a quite difficult procedure with many things that can disrupt you. But you need to stay focused on relocation to finish it as fast as possible. Otherwise, if you do not focus on your relocation you will have numerous problems. Those problems will make your relocation unbearable and stressful at the same time for you and your family. Not to mention that you will need much more time to relocate and that is counterproductive. The checklists and a well-organized move will give you space to save a lot of time that could be better used. Also, you will use your resources in a better way, besides that, you will save your health because you won’t feel any stress. Moving from Fort Lauderdale to NYC is all about careful preparation, after all. We hope we have provided you with enough information to make your relocation a lot easier.

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