Preparing for a job interview – tips & exercises

So, you have decided to move to Orlando and start a new life. Congratulations on your life-changing decision. Whether it is for education, career or any other personal reason. But, what is common in any of these cases is searching for a part-time or full-time job. Let us help you with these useful tips and trick on preparing for a job interview, so you can land that job easier.

Review your CV and social media profiles

Most employers are very busy businessmen. This is why their time is very important to them. Having that in mind, try to polish your CV and other network profiles. Avoid putting unnecessary information in your CV. It is because most of the time your potential employer doesn’t want to know things that do not concern him. Start with your biggest achievements and present them on your first page. Include your highest education first then go with loved ones. If by any chance you have any social media profiles such as Facebook, Linkedin, UpWork or Instagram, do not put anything on them that might change the potential employer’s view of you. Polish them buy cleaning unnecessary posts and information that does not belong there.

Image of resume
Fix up your resume when preparing for a job interview

 Preparing for a job interview – verbal and non-verbal exercises

There are certainly a lot of exercises you can do to prepare for a job interview. One of the main things is your looks. Most of the time people have one kind of the impression based on their first impression of you. This is where that verbal part comes into play. Clothes are very important. Never wait for the last moment to prepare your clothes for the interview. Make them a ready couple of days before the interview. This way you won’t have to worry about them while preparing for a job interview. You can easily focus on verbal exercises then. No matter what kind of job you are searching for before moving to Orlando, first impression matters. According to what kind of job you are applying, always dress accordingly. More casual and easy going jobs such as restaurants, stores or any other similar environment can allow more casual clothing. But it is very important to show up tidy, well-groomed and neat. This is the first positive image your potential employer will notice about you.

Suit on a mankquin
Dress accordingly for your job interview

Verbal non-verbal exercises

An important part of your job interview is the verbal part. Here you will have to answer all the questions your interviewer wants to know. Remember, be concise and try not to give long answers. Remember, you are not the only candidate they are talking to on that day. Most certainly you are at least 20th or 30th who came through that door with a story why they are the best choice. Now, they are probably tired and just want to end it soon. Try to turn that in your favor. Practice your speech in front of the mirror before you go.  You will have more confidence when you talk to them, and will not appear confused and somehow lost. Non-verbal postures and hand gestures are important as well. Furthermore, they can play a huge role in deciding what candidate to hire. Try not to look like you are bored or something like that. Always have straight backs at any time and never spread your legs and arms too wide. Remember this when you are searching for a job in Orlando. It is a big city with a lot of activities so preparing for a job interview is one of the top priorities. Make sure you packed well and know at any time where you put your clothes for the job interview. You can always rely on professional packing services Florida moving companies provide. Just make sure you instruct them to take care of those clothes.

Woman looking at the mirror
Practice your speech in front of the mirror

Do a research about the company

This is a very important part of job hunting. Learn a thing or two about what your potential employer is doing, and what his or her business is about.  Every bit of additional information can get you closer to landing that job. The interviewer will notice that you prepared well for the interview and generally interested into working with them. Remember, they really care about that aspect of the interview. Sometimes people really get tense when they get to an interview for a job. Most of the time this happens when they move to the new city. What can greatly help you here is learning how to ease yourself when you move in. An important part of life is learning how to adjust to a new environment. Adapting to a new place makes you feel like a part of the community, and henceforth makes you closer to achieving your goal of landing that job.

Girl looking at the computer
Learn a thing or two about the company

Relax and get a good night sleep

One of the, if not the most important part of preparing for a job interview is having a good and a relaxing sleep. Do not come to your job sleep deprived, because you can’t react as you would. Being well rested and relaxes is almost half job done. You will feel more confident and ready for your job interview. Not to mention not stressed about the upcoming meeting with your potential employer.

Girl sleeping on a sofa
Get a good night sleep before the job interview

Come to job interview earlier

Always think about how things can go bad and then respond accordingly. What if there is some car crash and your public transport can’t get there in time. What ifs are more common than you think. Do try to get to the interview at least 30 minutes early. You will have just enough time to cool down and prepare yourself and get over your possible answers. And perhaps, you can learn a thing or two from candidates who came in before you. Who knows, that can easily lead you to land that job.

Watch, glasses and a pen on a table
Try to come to the interview early

Although job hunting can seem very stressful, that doesn’t have to be the case. These are just some of the basic tips and tricks you can use while preparing for a job interview. If you believe there are more, please do write them down in the comment section below. We will all appreciate it, especially new readers!

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