Relocating to Bradenton FL with family

Relocating to Bradenton FL with your family can be the best solution in your life. All you need to do is to turn to reliable movers Florida and go. You might be wondering why you would move there in first place. Therefore, we give you some good reasons to move there.

Main reasons for relocating to Bradenton FL with family

Bradenton City Hall
Here is why you should consider relocating to Bradenton FL with your family

Bradenton is actually affordable

Because residents do not receive state income tax, low property taxes, a variety of low-cost housing options and low energy costs, Bradenton FL can be a very affordable place to live. Compared to larger cities, such as Boston, New York, Chicago or Washington D.C. the cost of living in Bradenton, Florida, is favorable. If you decide to make Florida a permanent place of residence, you will also be eligible for the Homestead Exemption, which will result in an additional annual property tax deduction of $25,000.

Winter Wonderland

Yes, summer is hot and humid, but not hotter than on a typical August day in Washington, DC. Fortunately, it is along the coastline, which blesses it with the daily refreshing breeze of the Gulf and frequent afternoon showers that offer relief from the heat.

The reward for passing through the summer heat is the promise of no snow. So change your scary chains for tires, noisy snow blowers, ugly mittens and sloppy galoshes for much-needed sunscreen, swimsuits, sports cabriolets, and slippers.


No matter what cultural and artistic activities you like, Bradenton FL has something for you all year round. Of course, the season from October to May in Bradenton offers a wide range of events. Including elegant ceremonial and charitable events, unforgettable opera performances, a variety of theatrical options, musical entertainment, art walks, and galleries, a ten-day film festival, sand sculpture competition and much, much more. A great reason to start considering relocating to Bradenton FL and hiring the top movers Bradenton FL.

White sand beaches

The Intracoastal Waterway runs along the eastern side of Key with the Gulf along the west. Siesta Beach is famous for its crystal-clear fine-grained white sand, which is 99% pure quartz, which makes it magically cool underfoot. In addition to Siesta Beach, you can enjoy the sun and sand at Longboat Key, Lido with its public pool, and the beaches of Venice. Everything is free to the public.

people jumping on the beach at sunset
And your family can get to enjoy those beaches, too

Multiple housing options

Bradenton FL offers a wide range of housing options. Whatever your heart desires, it is at the Suncoast. A four-bedroom, three-bath house with a refreshing pool, located outside the gates of Turtle Rock in Prestancia, currently costs about $415,000. While the two-bedroom beach condominium with two bathrooms will cost about $500,000. single family. And a house on 3 acres in Northport is valued at slightly less than $300,000.

The best place to retire

You may be reading this article because you consider Bradenton FL as your retirement home. If so, you agree with the experts. In fact, Money Magazine ranks it 7th in the ranking “The Best Places for Retirement of the Young”, as well as the “Nation’s Best Small City” and one of the “Best Places for Retirement”.

A flourishing business climate

Bradenton FL is open for business. Forbes ranks Bradenton FL 11th in Best Cities for Jobs. It is also one of the best places to start a business in Florida. Bradenton County, Florida, consists of more than 20,000 businesses, of which 75% are considered small and medium-sized companies that employ less than 25 people.

According to the US Department of Labor, the unemployment rate in Bradenton Florida is 6.7 percent. This is an impressive recovery from the 2010 unemployment rate of 11.9 percent and the 2012 level of 8.7 percent. The Bradenton FL Chamber of Commerce, the Economic Development Corporation, and The HuB advise entrepreneurs on the development of new ideas and the creation of new enterprises in that area. Since its inception in 2009, HuB has supported more than two hundred entrepreneurs, launched twenty enterprises. As well as twelve major campaigns in support of creative changes in the Suncoast.

Great dining scene

When it comes to delicious food, Bradenton Florida delivers. Bradenton FL has more than fourteen hundred restaurants, from elegant gourmet eateries to fantastic food vans. No matter what you crave, you can find it or find the ingredients to prepare it. There are several fresh food markets, specialty grocery stores, weekly farmers markets, traditional butcher shops, fresh seafood vendors (of course). As well as Amish shops and restaurants.

High-quality education

If you are looking for the best places for families in Florida, then Bradenton is the one for you. It does an excellent job of educating its children. In that district, the percentage of school graduates is higher than in Florida and the nation. Over 90% of high-school students in Bradenton County graduate.

Two graduates hugging
Their dropout rate is only 2%

In Bradenton FL there are many learning options for children and adults. From traditional public schools to charter schools, private and Montessori schools, adult educational institutions, technical and special schools, and universities. Nearly 30% of the residents of Bradenton FL received a bachelor’s degree with science and technology, ranked first in the field of education.

Parks and wildlife

Bradenton FL makes it easy and fun to enjoy nature, whether you like bird watching, hiking, alligator watching or swimming with fish. There are over 120 parks and trails covering over 3000 acres. Among the favorites is the ever-expanding Legacy Trail. That is the pedestrian and bicycle trail which stretches over ten miles along the former CSX railway corridor. Another great outdoor experience is the venerable Myakka State Park, which was once part of Bertha Palmer’s ranch. With 60 square miles, it is one of the largest parks in the state. If you are thinking about relocating to Bradenton FL with your family, parks can be one of the reasons for it.

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