Risks of cutting corners when packing

A good preparation is a key to the successful moving process. If you are moving on a strict budget, have in mind you can’t save money on everything. There are downsides of cutting corners when packing items. You can end up losing more money than you initially have planned. Luckily, we will tell you why this is not a good idea. Follow up on our article to catch up with those tips.

Cutting corners when packing leads to broken items

We all know how important good packing is. Especially when you are preparing for a long distance move. You simply do not want to think about whether or not your items get damaged during the transport. This mistake can cost you even more. Although you wanted what we all want. You want to save some extra cash because you are on a tight budget. But simply put, your items can get lose and break. Furthermore, they can even break other items in the van as well.  A common mistake people often repeat is that they do not use appropriate wraps. Do not pack your fragile things in clothes just to save money on bubble packing.

What is most important is that this will not save you money, and protect your items. If you pack your dishes, for example, in clothing, you risk them getting broken. And you won’t know their state until you unwrap them. Furthermore, you can get injured. Which is why it is a good idea to use expert packing services Florida movers offer to you. The easiest way to leave it to the professionals and protect them till the end of the trip.

A broken plate shown as a risk of cutting corners when packing
Broken plates are one of the risks of cutting corners when packing

Hiring cheap moving companies

Next stop is cheap moving companies. This is also one of the biggest issues reliable moving companies get. Because they lose their potential job to a lot cheaper but unprofessional movers. This problem happens a lot because people are on a budget. And when they see someone cheap, they will go for it. Those people do not have the necessary experience nor equipment. You only increase your risk of getting your items damaged or even worse, stolen! Most of the times there are some scams hidden behind these offers!

They come in a form of hidden costs you knew nothing about. And before you know it, you will pay a lot more than you initially bargained for. Take your time to find out where to hire reliable movers Florida. This is the only way you can find a good moving company. Not to mention they do not have any hidden costs. And most of the time you can even negotiate the prices of your relocation.

A rusty van on the street
Cheap does not mean good

Waiting last minute to hire movers 

Another thing people often do is not hiring moving companies in time. Do not think that you will save any money if you hire them on later notice. More importantly, you can even negotiate a better price if you hire them months in advance. This is a perfect opportunity to fully organize your moving process. The importance of having enough time is great! Because it will leave you with enough time to plan your relocation. Trust us, there are only pros of planning relocation in advance. This will leave you with enough time to finish up on other things.

figurines holding clock and euro bill
If you wait for the last minute you will pay more

Not using boxes for packing

Another common mistake comes in this form. People think they can just wrap up their items and carry them. But make no mistake, this is just piling cluster of things in a truck. And we can’t stress enough how important it is not to do it. There are many benefits of using packing boxes. And most important are that they can easily stack. Make sure you find out where to get boxes for packing. You can easily get them for free from any store you ask. Also, you can reuse them for some other purposes as well.

A box filled with various items
Always use boxes when moving

Using wrong packing and wrapping supplies

Sometimes this does prove to be beneficial. But that is not always the case, and it is very rare. Cutting corners when packing is possible only if you are moving a small number of items. Any real moving process will require your full attention and dedication. Never cut corners when appropriate packing materials are in the game. Because bad wrapping and packing lead to broken items. Take time and research about the best packing materials. This is a sure way to stay safe during transport. You won’t worry about any possible damage that can happen. And in the end, your items are safely packed in the van.

a cartoon man wondering
Find out where to find packing boxes

Not dismantling the furniture

People often think it is easier to just move furniture as one big whole. Well, they could not be more wrong. Leaving furniture intact will not only become a heavier burden but also a risk. You will risk a serious back injury, not to mention possible damage to your items. Empty out and dismantle all furniture you can. Basically, you will get a lot of smaller parts, but easier to transport. This is a sure way to avoid injuries, damages, and other mishaps. There are a lot of guides on dismantling and packing furniture before moving. Make sure you learn about them instead of cutting corners when packing.

A room with furniture in it
Dismantle furniture for easier transport


Cutting corners when packing are almost always a bad idea. It only leads to more trouble and issues you can’t deal at that moment. That is why it is very important to take time and do things properly. Have any tips and tricks you wish to share? Write them down in the comment section below. We all appreciate your enthusiasm and feedback!

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