Setting the field for your moving crew

There are a lot of things you can do to better prepare yourself for relocation! But, what can you do to make your movers job a lot easier, quicker and efficient? Here you can find out how setting the field for your moving crew can increase their efficiency a lot, therefore making your relocation that much faster. Follow our tips for a stress relocation that you can finish in no time!

Setting the field for your moving crew – finishing all the packing

The moving crew is made entirely out of professionals who are paid by the hour. The last thing they need is to arrive and wait for you to finish something you had to do before they come. Unless you paid for full-time service, which means that the movers will pack your things as well, then you must finish this before they come. This will make their job a lot easier and quicker when your home is absolutely completely ready for relocation. They can load the items in trucks as soon as they arrive at your address. Remember what we said, they are paid by the hour. If you are wasting their time, you will have to pay for it in the end. But, do not shy away from acquiring full services. Expert local movers Florida will do the packing for you. And have in mind that they are professionals that will pack your items with speed, care, and efficiency!

A worker showing thumbs up
Setting the field for moving crew means packing everything in time

Get rid of unwanted stuff

This is the part that will not only help your movers but yourself as well. How? By having fewer items to move with you. Seek out the items you rarely use and try to give them to your friends or sell them. The best thing you can do is to organize a yard sale at least two weeks prior to the relocation. This is a great opportunity to get rid of the things you do not need, and at the same time earn some money. You can also use that money to pay for the full services moving companies offer. Meaning, they can pack your items for you and load them into trucks. On the other hand, moving companies Fort Lauderdale will offer you these services as well. But, it is the same as with packing, they will charge you for it. Always have in mind the idea of a yard sale, which is very useful when setting the field for your moving crew is your top priority.

Items sold at yard sale as a part of setting the field for moving crew
Get rid of the items you do not use

Clear the access to your home

One of the major issues moving companies have is that they do not have proper access to your home. Meaning the parking lot is too far from your place. That only leads to more work, since they will have to carry your items further than they originally anticipated. What you must do is make sure the driveway is cleared for the truck when the moving company arrives. If you live in an apartment, notice your neighbors about your intention. Tell them that the movers will arrive and that you need a parking lot for them. We are sure they will comply with your request and help you however they can. If you live in a house, then let them get as close as they can. If they don’t have to cross bigger distances to load the truck, they will be more efficient. Not to mention how this lowers the risk of possible injuries that can occur due to hard labor. Make sure this is one of the top priorities you have to do before they arrive. There are also other important things to do before movers arrive in order to make relocation stress and effective!

A woman at a parking lot
Make sure you left a parking lot for your movers near your home

Label every box

This is one of those most important things to do before the movers arrive. Setting the field for your moving crew is simple if you know how and what to do. And labeling boxes is just one of those things you must do. When you start packing, start by going room by room. This way you will have groups of boxes with items from those rooms. Use permanent black markers to leave a clear label on the box. You should write the content of those boxes and write down whether or not the boxes are fragile.

Also, you must notify your movers that some of the boxes contain fragile items. That way movers will know how to prioritize your boxes and how to load them. Usually, more sturdy boxes are bases when loading. But, in the case of fragile items, sturdier boxes are used for protection. Which only means they are not to be sued as a base to stockpile other boxes on. Make sure you do this in advance. This way you will have enough time to repack if you need to. Labeling is one of the top priorities when you are setting the field for your moving crew. Also, have in mind that preparing to relocate in advance leaves you with great advantage. If something bad happens, you can react fast and solve it.  This is just one of the pros of making a relocation plan. Make sure you have one you can follow before your movers arrive.

Hand holding a marker
Use a permanent marker to label boxes


Final steps

Setting the field for your moving crew is very easy. You just have to follow the steps we provided you with, and you will be cleared for relocation in no time. Not to mention that there will be no stress and no problems at all. Furthermore, your movers will do a better job if the conditions left for them are great. If you have any tips to add up to ours, leave them in the comment section! We tend to provide the best guides we can in order to have a good moving day! We can’t wait to get your feedback on this topic!

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