Why are millennials moving to Gainesville?

As time goes by, cities rise with new opportunities for people! Whether it is about education or jobs, younger generations seem to like some of the cities more than those big ones. Let’s talk about why moving to Gainesville is such popular concept with millennials today! Hear their story why this city is their city of choice when they chose to move!

What are the factors that influence moving to Gainesville?

There are many questions that a city needs to answer if you want to realize why that city if popular among millennials. Is it because of the job opportunities, education or simply the good nightlife. Or, in the end perhaps, a perfect balance of all the above. The factors that indicate why the city is so popular among millennials are:

  • What is the current state of the job market? You can easily check out this part of the city life by looking into its unemployment rate through the years. With the economy as it is, Gainesville recorded a significant increase in the number of employed youth. As well as a good influx of IT jobs. So, in other words, if you are looking for a job in this sector, then this is the real deal for you!
  • How high is the rent in the city? As always, it is not about a good job but about how affordable is homeowning/renting in the city as well. Most of the time you will find out classic prices. If you are closer to the city center, it will get more expensive. But in Gainesville, you will still meat unusually affordable Millenials hurl here in large numbers due to the low rent prices. Professional moving companies Gainesville FL often speak about how much younger population seek their services here.
  • How many millennials also chose the city for their new home? This is especially important since it reveals a lot about the city. If young people tend to come here, that means the city will thrive in time. And that is one of the reasons millennials are moving to Gainesville.


A man holding a question mark wondering why milleinals are moving to Gainesville
There are many reasons why millennials are moving to Gainesville

About  Gainesville FL

Gainesville is the biggest city in the county of Alachua. In the 2017 census, the number of people residing here is 133.250. The city shows an almost 7% growth in population through the years.  Gainesville also holds the title as the largest city in North Central Florida.  It is surrounded by huge 20,000 acres of rural areas. Although it is considered to be a rural city, the life in it is very different. Gainesville is home for the University of Florida. And it holds the title as the third largest university campus. One other reason why moving to Gainesville is so popular with millennials is a humid subtropical climate. The average temperature here is around 22 degrees Celsius. This climate is not too cold or too hot, which makes it perfect for students who came here for studies.  Also, this climate is good for relocation through the year.  Which makes it easier to find reliable movers Florida. Since there are a lot of relocations on an offseason

A termometer
It is neither too hot or too cold in Gainesville

Gainesville economy

Although the score of the local job market in Gainesville is very low, it doesn’t mean there are no job opportunities. As we mentioned before, Gainesville is one of the biggest student cities in Florida. With over 50,000 students currently residing in Gainesville, it is not hard to imagine why aren’t there that many jobs that do not aim for student labour. Here, you can find a lot of work meant for students during their studies. And the city mostly focuses on that fact.  But, there are big employers in Gainesville that make moving to Gainesville a great choice, and they are:

  • Publix with over 700 people working
  • Alachua County employs 800 people
  • Nationwide Insurance currently employs 950 people
  • Gator Dining services are giving job opportunities to 1200 people currently
  • North Florida Regional Medical Center employs 2000 citizens
  • The City of Gainesville itself is employing around 2000 people as well
  • The School Board of Alachua County has over 3800 people working at the moment
  • The Veterans Administration Medical Center of Gainesville holds over 6000 people
  • UF Health is one of the top employers with 12, 600 people working
  • The biggest employer in Gainesville is the University of Florida which is employing over 26000 people right now

As you may see, there are a lot of job opportunities in the educational sector. And, you can land a job here easily if you know how to approach your potential employer. A good thing to know if you wish to land that job is how to commit a successful job interview! This will give you an advantage over other candidates as well!

Image of a job search
Students are the main workforce

Gainesville Education

Moving to Gainesville for educational purposes is also a great idea. There are a lot of good schools here that can provide you with a great education as well. This area is serviced by Alachua County Public Schools. As mentioned before, Gainesville is the home of the University of Florida and Santa Fe College.  The University of Florida is very important here because it is the top employer here, which provides a major financial boost to the city. There are currently 18 elementary schools, 5 middle schools, 6 high schools, 4 colleges, and 10 private schools. And they all provide you with the best education you can get there.  The quality of education here is what puts the University of Florida in a high position. If this is not your first choice, then find out what are the best colleges in Florida you can attend too!

Students graduating
There are over 50,000 students at the University of Florida

Moving to Gainesville is a very popular idea for millennials because it offers a lot of opportunities. Whether or not they are job or education related, they will all tell you the same. Go for it! Are you already a resident here? Do you have any tips you wish to share with other readers? Leave a reply in the comment section below so your friends can find out more useful information about this city! We hope to hear from you soon!

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