Summertime relocation guide for beginners

No one can say that moving is easy. But it can be extremely hard if we miss out the key things in the preparation for the event. A good organization is imperative, to make the whole process smoother. What you cant organize and influence is the weather. And today we will talk about summertime relocation. Therefore, we bring you the basic knowledge on how to prepare for such an event. Let us help you prepare like a pro.

Summertime relocation is at the peak of the moving season

For the moving industry, summer is the peak season. Most of the relocations performed over the year are clumped up in a few months. Competition is high, prices are higher, especially at the beginning and the end of the month. Everyone is moving over summer; therefore, you should act on time. We are aware that other things in life dictate the way you organize but try to make the best of it. Contact your movers on time, and at least schedule a week for the move. Then, later give them a call to confirm the exact date. Work with your movers and find the best solution. Most of the companies will take a step further to accommodate their customers.

Start with a moving date. Hopefully, you can choose yours freely.

One such moving crew is the movers Lake Worth FL. We highly recommend giving them a call and check the services they provide. With countless relocations successfully performed, there is no better local moving solution for your summertime relocation. Give it a try.

What is your moving date?

It is ideal if you know the exact moving date. This will open the space to work around your schedule and find the best time for your move. But sometimes you are not sure which date is available due to your job schedule, children school period, etc. In any case, if you intend to hire a moving company, you need to book their services at least 2-3 weeks in advance. This way you will secure the best options for you. Although, if you know the exact moving date, then contact your local movers Florida and purchase the services you desire. It is imperative to do it all on time if you wish to book the company you like. Also, you should aim for the middle of the month and in the middle of the week. Services are cheaper and more companies available at that period.

In case you need to search for something new, do a bit of research. Go online and check for reliable moving companies in the area. Read forums and blog posts, positive and negative reviews. Make sure that a company you are about to hire possess all the licenses and permits to operate. Give a call to the company that made the top of your list and find the answers. Check if they have enough manpower, proper tools for the job, and a vehicle that will fit your cargo. Ask away since you do not need any surprises while on your summertime relocation project.

Be aware of the moving costs

You can find yourself a good deal and lower the moving costs if you plan your move a couple of months in advance. Summertime relocation can be up to 30% more expensive compared to other seasons. Therefore, you should calculate your moving costs and try to lower where you can. As we mentioned before, around the first of each month, leases renew and expire and people move a lot. You should aim for the middle of the month and the week.

Calculate your moving costs before you seal the deal.

Especially if you are moving to Miami, one of the best cities on the planet. For such a location, to have the best service you deserve, you will need to think upfront. Contact your best movers in Florida and enjoy your stress-free relocation. Also, do not forget to set aside a moving budget. Ask your movers to provide the list of all the costs you should cover. Add to it additional services you might purchase and all the packing materials, moving boxes, etc. Prepare the budget and avoid unpleasant surprises.

Prepare for a summertime relocation

Summertime relocation is hard as it is, due to the high temperatures and humidity. Therefore, you should do as much as you can before your movers arrive. This way you will speed up the whole process and lower the time spent under the hot summer sun. Cover packing, decluttering, and downsizing way before the moving day is upon you. Cleaning out the garage, attic, basement, and your backyard are the chores you can spread across the month. Complete your tasks early in the morning when the temperatures are lower. And on a moving day, get up earlier than usual and double-check if everything is good to go. Inspect your cargo and all the areas of your home, to be sure you haven’t missed a thing.

Moving is twice as hard on a hot summer day

You should organize and take a few precautions to secure your summertime relocation. Hard labor under high temperature can have a bad influence on the mental state of your helpers. Therefore, you should prevent this by following a few simple steps. Firstly, since you got up early, you should turn your AC to cool down the place. This will make the environment much more suitable for hard labor. Then, prepare some food for your moving labor, some snacks, and beverages. Prepare portable fans, cooled-off towels, and a few bags of ice. Your helpers should take short breaks occasionally, to drink and cool off.

Drink enough fluids while on summertime relocation
Drink enough fluids and stay well hydrated

It is important that everyone is taken care of, and most importantly, that everyone stays well hydrated. Dehydration is your worst enemy on a hot summer day. Monitor your workers closely and remind them from time to time that they should take a breather. You can even be proactive and supply everyone with the sunscreen and protective hats. Furthermore, everyone exposed to the sun should wear light-colored clothes. They reflect the sun and dry easier. Your movers know the procedure for a summertime relocation, but it is ok to prepare everything just in case.

Do not neglect yourself

Think about your mental and physical state as well. You can easily neglect it all while running around helping and supervising. It is important to take care of yourself first, then help others. You will be on your feet the whole day and it can easily wear you out. Do the same you advise to others. Take short breaks and catch a moment to relax a bit. Most importantly, drink enough fluids.

You should take care of your health a few weeks in advance if you want to have your batteries full for your relocation. Try to catch a good night sleep, drink and eat healthily, and find yourself a stress relief method. It will help you stay positive, motivated, and ready for a summertime relocation. We wish you a pleasant and safe relocation. Good luck!

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