The benefits of moving container rental

The idea of moving container rental is not something that comes to mind for most of us. When you think of the moving experience, usually a couple of movers come to mind just moving boxes and loading it up in a big truck. Although that is one option, there is one more you should consider. Renting a shipping container for moving. Not a lot of people are aware of this option and how many upsides it actually has. It’s also a really reliable option, and that will make a difference if you are looking for moving companies Clermont FL. Without further ado, let’s get into why you should think about renting a container during moving.

Easy to load and unload when going for a moving container rental

Unlike an actual moving truck, a moving container is much more accessible. This will come in to play if you are moving by yourself. You do not need to think about navigating those weird ramps when trying to load/unload items. This can make the process a lot easier and safer. Just the thought of falling off that ramp or dropping your valuable items can send shivers down your spine. If you think of things from this perspective, searching for moving pods for rent will instantly come to you. Additionally, you have control over how the items are being loaded. If something happens it’s your fault. No mover is there for your items during the pickup and drop off and thus the responsibility is on you.


A large number of containers piled on top of each other the same way it happens during moving container rental
Placing the items in the container by yourself comes with responsibility. But it also gives you more control.

Security is much higher than regular moving

Your items will be much more secure in a shipping container than in a regular truck. Especially if you end up using a container for storage purposes. Items sometimes get stolen from moving trucks or during the move itself and having the situation in your hands can make sure that never happens. Nobody wants to lose their items and we assume that applies to you as well. All moving pods for rent are as secure as possible so the scenario where something gets misplaced or stolen is at a minimum chance of happening. This can also happen if you do not choose reliable long distance movers Florida. There is a greater chance of something bad happening on a long distance move than on a local one.

Less chance of damage to your belongings

A crucial part of your move is your items being safe. You do not want to be one of those people that write reviews saying their items were broken. It’s not as simple as some items being moved when you go for a self-storage container rental. They are your memories and basically your entire life if you are moving everything. Items that you place in a moving container are safer than the ones in a truck. Especially if you are doing long distance moving. A lot of companies have multiple items from different clients which means that your items might be moved when someone else’s is unloaded. Since the pod is smaller and items can be placed in a clogged fashion, the danger of them breaking is not as high. This is one place where renting a container during moving has an advantage over traditional moves.


A paper figure holding a broken heart
Nobody wants their stuff to break. It will make you really sad. Almost as much as this guy.

You pack everything yourself

Let’s face it, movers can be irresponsible sometimes. You and your items are just one of the many they’ll do in a day. They are tired, want to go home and try to operate at a maximum speed usually. This can lead to many problems when they are handling your belongings. And again, nobody wants a scenario where someone breaks something valuable of theirs. It’s just not desirable. If you are renting a container during moving this can be avoided. It all comes down to you. You are the one who will load and unload your items, and hopefully, you will do it with a lot more attention than someone else. This is one of the main benefits when renting your own moving container. They are your belongings after all and it makes sense that you will do it more safely than a mover.

Flexibility is at its maximum when going for a moving container rental

Aside from the pickup and the drop off everything else is up to you when you rent a shipping container for moving. You decide when to start the move, and there is no pressure. The company agrees to come and pick it up when you say and they take it away in that manner as well. You are on your own clock. Even storage services can be used in this manner. This can be great if you are on a tight schedule and do not have an entire day to set for moving. Perhaps on a single day, you can set aside 30 minutes to move your items and on another one, it will be more. Whatever the situation is, it’s all your decision on the time you pick. Some people like that sort of flexibility, and perhaps you will too.

Much cheaper than hiring regular moving companies

A lot of people want to save money when they move. Moving, in general, is really expensive and not that cost effective therefore it makes sense to try and save where you can. This can backfire though, remember that. If the main goal is to save as much money as possible, you can end up hiring a bad company and in the end, it never pays off. What you pay is what you get is true in many situations and moving is no different. Getting a moving container rental is more cost-effective than hiring regular movers.

Money bills on a table
Money plays a big part when deciding how to move. Renting a moving container can help greatly with this.

The price might not just be a huge factor for you, but if you can save some money, why not? Here’s a couple of important things:

  • On average, you can get a moving container for $200 a month with a $100 pick up/drop off service
  • Extra services such as additional storage during transport cost more
  • The final cost is mostly influenced by the transit time during moving container rental.



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