The cost of moving a mobile home

Cost of relocation varies based on the type of relocation. But what about the cost of moving a mobile home? Sometimes it is not as cheap as we believe it is. Let’s talk about those costs and what you can expect from it. So when the time comes, you will be already informed and ready for it.

Prepare your mobile home for relocation

Do not think just because they are mobile homes, that they are instantly ready for relocation. There are some homes that are fixed to a foundation, and you just can’t move them. They can move them only with proper mechanization and hardware. What moving companies will always take into considerations is how are the homes anchored and what is the current weight. Moving company will commit to this job only if there is an easy access to the main road. They are very wide, so there won’t be a problem with transportation. Longer the distance, the bigger the price. Remember that when calculating the cost of moving a mobile home. In the end, simple preparation for relocation can cost you around 2000$. Boynton Beach moving companies will give you all the information on the cost. Considering all the services they have to do.

a girl holding cleaning items
Clean and prepare your mobile home for relocation

Finding a perfect moving agency

Relocation of this scale is not a simple task. And not all agencies poses the workers and equipment for this. The first thing you must consider when hiring a moving company is their license. Mobile come relocating agencies must have proper licenses with them all the time. Also, you and your moving company must know all about the permits required for such relocation. There are even several escort vehicles that will lead and to follow you during your relocation. What influences the cost of moving a mobile home is whether or not you are preparing your house for relocation. You can choose to prepare the insides of the house, or leave it to the moving company. That kind of complete moving service will cost you more for sure! Your long distance movers Florida will always talk with you about this issue. And will ensure the utmost proficiency in handling this.


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The cost of moving a mobile home is lower with a good moving company

What is included in the cost of moving a mobile home

If you considered to only move your mobile home, then your prepared home is towed to the new location. It costs around $600 – $1,100 to move a home for 75 miles. Depending on the size of the home, the price will warry. And it will be more expensive. Although, this is based on miles, there are other factors that will influence the price as well. Although, you should watch out for those costs of moving you know nothing about.

Opting for a full-service mobile home relocation costs approximately around $5,000 to $15,000. Depending on the size of the unit. What this full service includes is disconnecting, reconnecting and transportation of your mobile house. The most important factor in price regulation is the length of the move. As we mentioned before, the longer the distance, higher the expenses. In the end, if you chose to go with DIY mobile home preparation, then you will have a lot of work. Not to mention a vast knowledge of plumbing, electricity etc. Also, you will have to inform your utility companies. The last thing you need is to get into some trouble while doing the preparation.

Other costs 

While these are just basic costs of mobile home relocation, there are some more. These are also the typical costs you will have to pay attention to. They are:

  • Inspections, permits, and licenses. These things are basically provided by your mobile home mover. States have different laws most of the time.
  • Unloading and Loading. This isn’t some simple heavy lifting. This is a complex procedure that requires time and patience. And depending on the size and location of the house, it will influence the cost of moving a mobile home
  • Paying for gas. This is already included in the contract. Moving process of this magnitude will require more gas than usual.
  • The vehicle used for mobile home relocation is not just some simple truck. Most of the time, movers use big semi-trucks to relocate these homes. They are strong enough to pull and move your mobile home.
Quality control red stamp
You will have to pass inspections in order to move your home

Additional costs of moving mobile house 

Our list could go on and on, but we figured out we should present you with the most basic and most important ones. These factors can influence the cost of moving so much that you can save or pay more. Literally, you could save a lot of money if you prepared your home before moving. There are different ways to prepare your home to move and help your movers. Some of those additional costs are:

  • Renting the parking spot for your mobile home.
  • Repairing the mobile home. Nobody really knows what can happen. Whether during preparation, moving or finishing the move. Sometimes there are some repairs you must do before finishing up.
  • Paying for new tires in case of flat tires.
  • Utilities and setting up are especially important and can consume a lot of time and money as well.
  • Consider acquiring trip insurance. The reputable moving company will offer you moving insurance. Take it! This is a good way to protect your valuables during this delicate and long relocation.

The cost of moving a mobile home doesn’t have to be that high if you know what to do. Especially when it is the case with mobile homes. If you have any experience whatsoever with mobile home relocation, contact us. Feel free to leave a comment in the comment section down below. We would like to hear from you and to read about your opinion on this matter!

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