Tips for dealing with unorganized movers

Moving is a stressful process. Anyone who has ever moved from one house or a city to another knows how difficult it is to find a good and reliable moving company.  You have to ask around, talk to family and friends for recommendations or read a lot of online reviews. And then, you end up with bad and unorganized movers. Your move becomes a nightmare. Many things might go wrong. Some of your belongings might be lost, or some of your antiques might be damaged, or maybe your delivery is late for weeks or even months. These are just some things that might happen with a bad moving company and unorganized movers. However, here’s the help in dealing with unorganized movers.

How to spot bad and unorganized movers

If you are trying to make sure that you avoid bad and unorganized movers, you are in the right place. We discovered the biggest red flags when it comes to moving companies.

dealing with unorganized movers - a man moving boxes
If you do end up with unorganized movers, fear not. There are some things you can do to fix the situation.

As you begin to search for a moving company, pay attention to these things:

  • Information about the moving company is hard to find – Before booking, we all do some researching. However, if you can not find some reliable information about them online, something might be wrong. Trust your gut. That probably means that they either have no experience or that they are unregistered. A good moving company should have a registration number and a website. Also, you should be able to read reviews about them on their site, Google, Facebook or Yelp.
  • They can not answer your questions –  Before you hire your movers you should have a talk with them. If you notice that they can not answer your questions, it is probably because you are dealing with scammers or unorganized movers who lack experience and knowledge. There is nothing worse than dealing with movers who are not specialists in their field. Always, listen to their responses carefully, and if you are not satisfied with what you hear, move on.
  • Estimate seems ‘off‘ – After you have been talking to a couple of moving companies, you should ask them for written estimates. Generally, bad and unorganized movers will either provide unusually low or unusually high estimates compared to legitimate companies. With that being said, most reliable companies like should offer you similar estimates for the same job. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Focus on the estimates that are similar to one another. If you need help, give movers Deerfield Beach FL a call. They can help you out wherever in Florida you are.
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Do not be afraid to ask as many questions as possible. By asking questions and analyzing their answers you will see whether movers know how to do their jobs or not.

How to deal with the situation

Whatever happens, do not give up and try to stay as positive as possible. In most cases, you can fix and resolve anything.  It is just moving. And soon, everything will be over. Remember what were your top priorities before moving. Here is some advice on how to deal with unorganized movers:

  • Try to figure out what went wrong – Sometimes accidents happen and there is nothing you can do. But sometimes, you just have to figure out what went wrong, and who is to be blamed. The best way to handle this situation is to call the moving company directly. Usually, having open lines of communication between yourself and your movers can fix the problem. Not being able to communicate well, can cause you more problems than you think.
  • Handle the situation calmly – If you notice that you are dealing with bad and unorganized movers, all that is left is to approach the situation calmly and with patience. If you get angry and upset, you might make the situation even worse. So, take a deep breath, assess the problem rationally and think about how to solve it. You will not be able to get anything done if you are angry or stressed-out.
  • Resolve the issue and move on – When something bad happens, you need to accept it and try to find a suitable resolution. Dwelling on your problem might ruin your entire moving experience. Do not worry, most of the problems can be solved. Just remember to always have insurance, you never know when something can go wrong. Also, do not underestimate local moving, especially in Florida, always seek professional help when searching for moving services Florida.
Angry woman - dealing with unorganized movers
What is worse than dealing with unorganized movers? Well, having to fix their mistakes! Try to be as calm as possible. If you stress out, you will make mistakes too.

What might go wrong and how to fix it

Unfortunately, something usually goes wrong when moving even if you try to assist your movers. It may be because of unorganized movers, or just because it was not meant to be. There are too many ways  in which your move can go wrong but the most common reasons:

  • Broken or missing item – this is a tough one since the only thing that can help you is insurance. If you did not get one for your belongings, you are in trouble. Do not try to cut corners on this one. The only thing you can try is to sue the moving company and hope that they can repay you.
  • Your household items are delivered late – this is the most common thing when moving. If your movers are late to deliver your belongings, contact them immediately. Try to find out what happened. Remember to remain calm and be patient.
  • The final price is way over the estimate – try to understand why the moving costs have ended up being higher than originally estimated. Good companies like movers Deerfield Beach FL, try to never exceed the final price. However, bad moving companies are sneaky and they do not tell you about the additional costs. So your only option is to first try to negotiate a peaceful solution. And if that does not work, you should file a complaint against your moving company.

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