5 facts about Clermont you should know

Clermont, Florida, is a gem of the community and is incredibly popular for a variety of reasons. But there are a few things in this popular city that you may not have known. And these amazing facts about Clermont you should know are part of what makes relocating there with moving companies Clermont FL so popular!

Here are some facts about Clermont you should know

1. The Clermont Lakes chain consists of 11 lakes

The lakes are connected by the Palatlakaha River, and this is one of the most recreational lake chains in the state. It is not surprising that this area is so popular for living on the lake. Clermont is part of Lake County after all! The lakes of this region are famous for their connections – travel from Leesburg to Mount Dora without leaving the boat!

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The Harris Chain of Lakes boasts seven lakes to explore and a home for luxurious estates and cozy retreats. In fact, Lake County Waterfront is one of the most sought after properties in all of Central Florida. The largest one in the chain, Lake Harris in Leesburg, is famous for bass fishing. The picturesque Dora Lake is a paradise for sailors. Located among the hills, the Clermont Lake chain is a hot spot for water sports enthusiasts and is known as one of the “wakeboarding capitals in the world”! On Lake Minneola, there is a popular city park on the waterfront, a local favorite. People from Clermont are constantly trying to keep their lakes, so make sure how you dispose of your moving boxes Florida. Lie back, relax and enjoy the beauty of your home when you live on the shores of a Florida lake!

2. Unique terrain is the dream of cyclists

In fact, West Orange Trail is one of the most popular cycling spots in all of Central Florida. The city of Clermont is known for its lifestyle on the lake, the classic atmosphere of the hometown, the beautiful houses and being the “Choice of Champions”.

But this famous vacation is not only for the Olympians! Both locals and visitors alike enjoy the active lifestyle of Clermont. And its unique qualities make it a hot spot for cycling lovers! If you are a cycling fan yourself, then this might be one of the most important facts about Clermont you should know.

Why cyclists love Clermont?

What makes Clermont ideal for cyclists is also what makes it such a popular destination for calling it home. Its topography is a rare find in Central Florida with beautiful hills along sparkling lakes – a great backdrop for the area’s real estate and inaccessible cycling landscape.

Where to ride?

Clermont has the most famous cycling hills and tracks of the state. There are several places where you can ride a bike. The scenic path of South Lake and Lake Minneola will be a landmark link between the coasts, allowing bikers to travel through Florida from Titusville to St. Petersburg.

Cycling in Clermont
Whether it’s a relaxing promenade ride or a hefty workout among harsh hills, your love of cycling will surely express itself in Clermont!

Sugarloaf Mountain is another hot spot, and it is the highest point in the state (except for Panhandle). Cycling enthusiasts from all over Florida visit Clermont to ride the rare Sugarloaf and take a break from the flat tracks offered throughout the state. So make sure you pack your bike when preparing for relocating to Clermont!

3. Clermont is a city based on orange groves

Before becoming a popular real estate outlet, Clermont consisted primarily of citrus groves. After a Great Freeze in the late 1800s, at the beginning of the 20th century, South Lake County got on its feet. And people from other parts of the country migrated to the area, which led to making new businesses.

Clermont was founded in 1916 when a Florida developer Edward Denslow bought 1,000 acres for growing citrus groves. Interestingly, these groves were looked after by retired United States postal workers who owned them. As a result, Clermont has become one of America’s leading citrus regions. Isn’t that one of the interesting facts about Clermont you should know?

South Lake County, like most of the rest of the state, has benefited from a massive land boom. Groveland, Florida, a community near Clermont, had the largest sawmill company in the Southeast. Although people got rich during this time, their economic success was only temporary due to the 1930s Great Depression. During the 1940s and 50s, citrus production grew and turned into a leading industry in the region.

4. Clermont Lake Louisa State Park is the best place to relax for locals

State Park is a great place for a quiet holiday or a day spent in nature. There are cabins for rent, hiking trails and many scenic views. The sheer size of Lake Louise State Park shows the number of things you can do and see in a day. In fact, many will agree that there is much more that you can do than would fit in one day, making it an ideal refuge for those living in the area.

The park includes 4,500 acres of desert, 23 miles of trails, over 107 miles of coastline. The landscape itself is diverse: from swamps, where the land is low and humid, to lush green meadows, where there is hilly terrain.

5. Clermont is one of the best cities in the state promoting a “healthy lifestyle”

In addition to the fact that this place is known as the point of Olympic training, the community allows residents to easily lead a healthy lifestyle thanks to parks, trails, places of recreation, entertainment on the waterfront and much more. Its magnificent terrain, nature trails, and world-class holiday destinations are just the beginning of a healthy lifestyle that locals love.

Baseball team
Being a part of a sports team also allows you to find out more facts about Clermont you should know

Overall, Clermont is a community that focuses on providing resources for its residents to lead a healthy and active lifestyle right at home. In fact, it has even been designated as a Bike and Runner Friendly Community. There are also several sports leagues that residents can join. This is a great way to not only stay active but also meet with new neighbors and interact in a unique way with the community.

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