How to reward friends for helping you relocate

Let’s be perfectly honest for a second – there’s no way you can plan, orchestrate and complete a move all on your own! Even the so-called do-it-yourself move is not really a solo project. Whether it’s packing boxes, driving places, house-sitting or simply sharing recommendations, your friends and family will inevitably be involved in the process. Many of them will, of course, be more than happy to help. But that doesn’t mean their time and effort is free! When you hire Pompano Beach movers, you certainly expect to pay them a fair price for their work (maybe even tip them). So why wouldn’t you reward friends for helping you relocate

Why should you reward friends for helping you relocate?

Adult friendships are not always easy. Experts say that as we grow older, start families, and focus on our careers and other relationships, friendships can become less of a priority. That’s why it’s so important to work on the ones that truly matter to us. We do this by making time for our friends and helping them when they need us. If your friends can squeeze your move into their busy adult schedules, the least you can do is show your appreciation.

Two men fist-bumping.
Show your friends gratitude so they know you’re not taking them for granted.

Besides, nobody’s time and work should be free. Sure, cutting costs is definitely a part of the reason why you’re asking your friends for help instead of hiring professional movers. But that doesn’t mean you can’t reward friends for helping you relocate in some other ways. This will show that you don’t take them for granted and strengthen your bonds.

What can you do to reward friends for helping you relocate?

Your friends are unlikely to take your money for their services. But there are plenty of other ways you can pay them back. Whether they are doing something physically demanding like helping you pack and unpack or loading and unloading boxes, or something relatively simple like house-sitting while you go to an open house or helping you look for reliable movers Florida, your friends are investing time and effort into your move. You should be prepared to show your appreciation and gratitude in a suitable way!

Before the move

Even if you’re only doing a local move, there are plenty of things that need to be done before moving day. There are simple little steps you can do during the preparation to show your friends that you appreciate their help.

Prepare and organize

You will make the move easier on all involved by keeping it well prepared and organized. So write up a quick schedule and a to-do list. This will help you delegate work more efficiently and ensures no one is running around needlessly. Set a date (preferably a whole weekend) well in advance so your friends can make arrangements to be there for you.

And don’t forget to get more than enough packing supplies. You don’t want anyone wasting time and energy going to the store for more tape or boxes in the middle of packing up the cutlery!

Respect your friends’ time and limitations

One of the downsides of self-moving is unreliability. Unlike professional movers whose job is to be there for you and focus on your move, your friends and family have other priorities too. There are a million different reasons why some of them may not be able to help you. Don’t take that personally and respect their decisions on how to spend their time.

Gift away the stuff you don’t need

Packing for a move is a great opportunity to get rid of stuff you no longer need. Clothes, old appliances, toys or art – all of this can be sold or donated. But it also makes for a great way to reward friends for helping you relocate! So if you see one of your friends lingering on something they’re packing, consider telling them to keep it!

During the move

You will probably be busy and stressed on the big day. But remember – your friends are right there with you! Try to make the move easier on them too.

Be quick and efficient

Don’t monopolize your friends’ time! They will surely appreciate the job getting done quickly and efficiently (and so will you). So get organized and stay focused. The faster you’re done, the sooner you can all relax and rest!

Make it fun

Who says moving has to be boring and difficult? A few simple tricks can turn a long day of hauling boxes into a fun task! Start with putting on a high-energy playlist that you can sing along to. You can chat about things other than the task at hand or even play a game as I spy. And of course, remember to take regular breaks!

Person holding a phone playing music.
Make the move more fun for you and your friends with music.

Pay for gas

If your friends are helping by driving you or your stuff somewhere, the least you can do is offer to pay for gas. While you normally wouldn’t reward friends for helping you relocate with money, this is a small way in which you can compensate for their expenses!

Provide snacks and refreshments

Moving can be physically demanding, so prepare some refreshments you and your friends can enjoy. Whether it’s a batch of homemade cookies or store-bought chips, a selection of sodas or just water, your friends will appreciate you taking care of them!

After the move

Don’t forget about your friends’ help once you’ve settled in! This is when you can best show how much you appreciate it.

Reward your friends for helping you relocate by taking them out for drinks.
After the move is the perfect time to show your friends how much you appreciate their help.

Treat your friends

A good way to reward your friends for helping you relocate is to treat them to a bit of special bonding time. Invite them over for dinner and a movie, take them out for drinks, organize a spa day or throw a party! And remember to explicitly thank them for all they’ve done to help you move.

Return the favor

The best way to show your friends how much their help means to you is to offer the same thing in return. When one of your friends is moving next time, ask them if they need any help. Even if they end up going a different route than you chose for your relocation, they’ll surely appreciate the thought!

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