Top 10 hurricane-free cities in Florida

If you are planning to move to Florida, then moving process is the least of your worries. You must find out which places are hurricane-free cities in Florida. This is, perhaps the best way to make sure you won’t lose your property over a natural disaster. Let us present to you our top 10 places without hurricanes in Florida.

Classifying hurricane-free cities in Florida

Natural disasters such as hurricanes are put on a scale between 20 and 0. Where 20 represents the worst case scenario and 0 is the best one. All of these classifications are made possible by the NOAA Storm Events Database. Factors that are included in this scale are occurrences of the storm event and injuries and deaths that are directly caused by storms. Hurricanes hold the highest position, followed by tropical storms and then floods.


A classifying chart used to sort hurricane-free cities in Florida
A good classification is important when finding hurricane-free cities in Florida

Fernandina Beach

With more than 11.000 people living here, Fernandina Beach is one of the safest places in Florida. We put it on our list because the manifestation of these natural disasters is very low. Hurricanes, storms, floods have a low score on the list. This city takes over 15 square miles of Florida. The most popular thing about this city is this cities culture and lifestyle. One interesting note about Fernandina Beach is its other name. Fernandina beach’s other name is “The Isle of the Eight Flags”. This is because they featured 8 flags such as:

  • Confederate States of America
  • Great Britain
  • France
  • Mexico
  • Spain
  • The patriotic Republic of Florida
  • United States
  • The Latin American Patriots Green Cross of Florida

When you know how safe this city is from natural disasters, you can prepare yourself for your relocation. It will be even easier for your movers to organize relocation assistance Florida. Because they do not have to prepare for certain bad weather and unfortunate events revolving it.

Cartoon of a man paying a man over internet
Hiring movers are easier in risk-free zones


Ocala is on our second place of the hurricane-free cities in Florida. Because of the low score on our scale, and 0 scores when it comes to hurricanes. With the population of over 50.000 people, Ocala is located on over 35 square miles of Marion County.  Silver Spring Nature Theme Park, The Ocala National Forest, Ocklawaha River, and the Florida National Scenic Trail are very popular among residents. Ocala’s weather is very mild and rather enjoyable. This is a perfect time if you plan on moving to Orlando from Ocala. Mostly because the weather is very good for relocation.

An image of golden 0
Ocala scored 0 on hurricane chart

Lake City

Over 12.000 people live in this hurricane free city. He is also on our list of safest cities in the state of Florida. Low tropical storms, floods, and score of 0 hurricanes make Lake City a safe place to live in. Lake City spreads over 12 square miles of Florida.  You can enjoy a lot of festivals here such as:

  • Alligator warrior festival
  • Olustee Battle festival

There are a lot of other free festivals in Lake City you can enjoy as well.


With its hurricane score of 0, Gainesville easily stands in our list of hurricane-free cities in Florida. This fairly large city with 127.000 residents spans over 60 square miles located in Alachua County. It is also a home to The University of Florida. Basically, it is a college town, therefore, there are many sights and clubs. One of the most popular places here is the Florida Museum of Natural History. With a lot of other dance clubs, nightclubs, sports bars, teachers, museums and cinemas where you can spend your free time. If you plan on clubbing next summer break, make sure you check out all the popular clubs in Florida, before you set sail to clubbing waters.

A student reading a book
Gainesville is a college town


This 16 square miles of beauty in Collier County is home to over 19.000 residents. Tourism is one of the main sources of income here, which is why this city is mainly rich. Good weather, golf courses, 10-mile long beach and of course, the hurricane-free zone is why Naples is on our list. Whit its beautiful beach Naples is just one of those places you have to visit this summer in Florida.


One of the smallest cities on our top 10 list of hurricane-free cities in Florida in Palatka. There are around 10.000 people here. Regardless of the number of population, there are many cultural sights and activities you can attend. Blue Crab Festival and Florida Azalea Festival are located in The Ravine Gardens State Park. This is a park rich city and therefore one of the places where you can raise a family. Even though it is small, Palatka offers everything to a family that big cities offer as well.


Sanford is one of those cities from central Florida that made its spot here. With over 50.000 residents, Sanford is located in Seminole County. The almost whole city is made out of bricks, which gives the old timer kind of vibe.


Largest city here, Orlando has over 250.000 people residing. With the lowest score of hurricanes, tropical storms and floods combined, Orlando Is the best place to live right now. It is also a home to famous Universal Studios, Walt Disney World, SeaWorld, and many others. Over 60 million tourists and other visitors come to this city annually. Orlando is also famous for his rich sports culture. The number of sports clubs you can join is in abundance, making Orlando one of the cities with a lot of sports activities.

An image of a DJ playing music
Orlando is filled with nightclubs


This wonderful city takes place on our list of hurricane-free cities in Florida because of its low score. It takes 17 square miles of Osceola County. The positive side of living here is closeness to Orlando. In the same time, you can enjoy the nature of Kissimmee and whatever big cities offer, like Orlando.


And last but not least, Leesburg. This city is the safest cities in Florida when it comes to these natural disasters. 24 square miles of Central Florida is covered with nature and sights you can see. This city is very popular among the older population. The main reason is that retirees come here to spend the rest of their life. This is a very peaceful place with a lot of activities for the elderly.

This is just a small list of hurricane-free cities in Florida. Also, the list would go on but we thought these 10 places are just enough for now. So, if you have any suggestion feel free to leave a comment.

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